March Madness

Seeing how Crimes Against Magic will launch mid-April, I want to get the second book finished before then. Or at the very least, I want it in a readable way so that I can send it off to my hugely talented writing partners (Michelle Muto and D.B Reynolds) who’ll go through it with a big red pen.

I took part in, and finished, Nano last year. It was a long slog in places, but an enjoyable one in a sadistic sort of way. The only problem was that after I finished, I had a lot to do on CAM and the second book (Born of Hatred) became a little relegated.

A few weeks ago my writing partners informed me that they’re going to do a sort of March Nano. It’s not exactly Nano, there’s no 50k achievement to do, but each of us have our own word count we want to hit. Mine’s about 30k.

Things didn’t really start well. Life got in the way of actual work and I managed about 3k in 7 days. But now I seem to be on track. 3k in 2 days is a much better amount, and it’s gaining steam once again. Hopefully by the end of March Born of Hatred will be finished, or at least that draft will be and then I’ll be getting Crimes Against Magic finalised for release.

So, that’s it for this week. Another short one I’m afraid, but I really do need to get BoH finished, and sort out the promotion stuff for CAM. But next week should be something more substantial. Probably.

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  1. Good luck doing March Nano!! It sounds like the perfect opportunity to finish the second book. Sending you lots of support, courage, and cups of coffee. 🙂

  2. Good for you Steve! You can do it! What a great goal. Keep us updated with your progress. 🙂

  3. Good luck with your mini-nano. It’s always good to write with a target.

  4. *hands cup of tea with shot of whisky* Good luck, you can do it!!! 🙂
    psst, i may have tagged you in my blog but feel free to ignore it. GO WRITE WIN!

  5. All the best with the writing Steve and to be honest the fact that you’re finding time when you’re doing marketing as well as writing is an achievement in itself. Well done.

    • At the moment the marketing is limited to figuring out the best way to get reviews done and maybe the odd competition. There’s quite a lot to think about, but having the occasional idea jotted down doesn’t make it seem to daunting.

  6. Tough targets Steve, but you’ve got a while and I’m hoping life doesn’t throw you any curve balls. Best of luck!

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