Wednesday Wippet #1

A few weeks ago I did the Lucky Seven Meme, which was 7 lines from the 77th page from my wip. Well, a short time after that Krista Walsh started doing Wednesday Wippet. It’s basically similar to the Lucky Seven, but instead of limiting you to one page, you take a few paragraphs from a page or chapter that relates to the date.

I thought it would be good fun to do for a few weeks, and let people have a small taste of Born of Hatred. Now be warned, this isn’t a completed draft, so there might be a few things that change.

So, as it’s the 6th June, I could select the 6th page, 6th chapter, 66th page… that sort of thing. I selected the sixth page of the story:


I turned the small radio and microphone over in my hands. “I’m not going on a mob bust.”

“It’s that or you wear one of those ridiculous Bluetooth headsets, which are about as secure as yelling really loud. I need to stay in contact with you, just in case he comes home early.”

I placed the radio in my pocket, clipped the microphone to my top and pressed the ear piece home. “I assume you’ve done some recon work to know where he might be at ten in the morning.”

“Of course I’ve had some recon done. Neil leaves his building a little after 9am, and comes back at 3pm. He then leaves again at 6pm and comes back sometime in the morning between one and three. Twice he’s arrived back with a young woman, who then leaves a few hours before Neil surfaces. According to the notes, they’re of… questionable virtue.”

“They’re hookers is what you’re getting at, yes?” Sara asked, which made me laugh.

“I’m surrounded by uncouth ruffians.”

“And apparently you live in the nineteenth century,” I said. “I’m going to go break into someone house before you call me a ragamuffin or something equally hurtful.”

Even Tommy had to laugh, but it was cut short by a serious expression. “Nate, be careful. This guy is a nutcase. If he sees you in there, he’ll probably attack you.”

I forced a grin. “Isn’t that why you brought me along in the first place?”



And that’s it, short and sweet I know, but I hope you liked it.


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  1. Yea! Sniglets of the next book. Maybe the wait won’t be so bad after all. ;p I keep meaning to jump in on the Wednesday Wippet’s, I just forget. Until Wednesday. Maybe next week. Or advanced planning. Ha! That was funny. Good job!

  2. I’m actually kind of glad now that I waited a bit before buying CaM – marginally less of a wait for the sequel! I love the humour and character in the scene. Can’t wait to find out a bit more!

  3. Definitely looking forward to the sequel! These Wippets will help curb the wait 🙂

  4. Can’t wait for book 2! I’m in the middle of book 1 at the moment and enjoying it a lot 🙂 Although with this passage, at the end, if he’s a nutcase then I think he’d definitely attack, not just probably hehe.

    Great passage, now get back to writing so we can all read book 2 sooner! 😉

  5. That extract is so Nate. 🙂 I liked the banter, it worked well.

  6. I didn’t know that anyone other than Krista and I were doing Wednesday Wippets — cool! Love the dialogue and characters! 🙂

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