And the Winner is?

As you may know, last week I had a competition to win a signed paperback copy of Crimes Against Magic.

Before we get to the winner, I’d just like to thank everyone who took part. There were a lot of entries, so either people really wanted a copy of my book or they just really wanted something for free. Either way thank you for taking the time to follow, re-tweet and take an interest.

The names of everyone who took part were put into a bag for the independent judge to pick the lucky winner.

My eldest daughter, Keira, looking as scruffy as only a 7 year old can.

And the winner is: Tammy Stevens

Tammy you now have 7 days to send me your address and any message you’d like me to sign. I hope you enjoy your prize.

For everyone who didn’t win, I’m sure my daughter can be bribed for future competitions. She likes Super Heroes (Batman and Spider-man especially), Studio Ghibli films and chocolate. Any of those things pretty much guaranteed you a win.

While I have your attention, I can recommend you to go read my most recent interview with Dianne Waye, here.

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  1. Aarrgghhh… So all it would have taken was my dvd of Panda! Go Panda! to secure my name as the winner?! Damn. Lol well done to Tammy! 🙂

  2. Thank you! And I can assure you its because I cant wait to read it – bedtime is about to become very VERY early in this house!

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