Wednesday Wippet #4

Welcome back to the 4th Wednesday Wippet, where I post a snippet of my WiP, Born of Hatred, the sequel to Crimes Against Magic. As per usual they may be some spelling or grammar issues.



This week as it’s the 27th and as much as I’d like to post something from chapter 27, it’s basically one massive spoiler, so that’s not really possible. Instead, you get something from chapter 7.

When you’re done reading this head over to read Wippets by Krista Walsh Sarah L Fox and  Kathi L Schwengel.


The clearing ended fifty feet in front of where we stood, replaced with a sheer drop that went down for a few hundred feet into the New Forest below. From our vantage point, we could see for miles and all of it green and peaceful. Very few people knew of the spot, so thankfully there was no fence protecting idiots from falling down the slope, spoiling what was a spectacular view.

“It’s so quiet,” she said as she walked toward the edge, stopping a few feet back and peering down the slope. “Bloody hell.”

“Yeah, I don’t advise jumping down there,” I said as I joined her. “You could probably survive as it’s not a sheer drop, but you’d know about it once you hit the bottom.”

“How do you know about this place?”

“I used to come here, a long time ago. When the only way to get up here was to climb that slope, or walk the ten miles to get around it.”

“You climbed that?”

I nodded. “A few times, it was good exercise.” I made my way back to the truck. “I picked here as we’re unlikely to be disturbed, you can ask whatever you want. I won’t dodge anything, I promise.  No subject off limits. You got into a fight today, how are you feeling about it?”

Sara continued to stare down into the forest below, her back facing me. She rubbed her neck and turned. “I wanted to hurt him,” she said. “He threatened to… well, you know. When I hit him, I just lost it.”

“You handled yourself well. I’m proud of you for doing that, you should be too. Next time, maintain composure, loosing your temper will get you in trouble one day. Trust me on this.”

“You were so calm. You could have killed them all, couldn’t you?”

I nodded. “A day not too long ago, I would have too. But, that’s not me anymore, I try not to kill those too stupid to know better.”

“Why doesn’t that scare me?”

“Because I’m awesome,” I said with a laugh, which Sara quickly joined.


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  1. I should really stop reading these . . . they don’t do anything for my patience. Hee, hee. Write faster! And, BTW, if you’re reading this, why aren’t you writing instead?

  2. Hey, Nate has a hippy side, who knew? 😉 I can see the scene working well in the context of the book though – you write very fast paced action, and it’s good to give the reader a reprieve every now and again…

  3. Oh great, a sequel!!! Congrats, this reads just like the first:))

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