Born of Hatred Competition – Results

Hello, all!!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas/holiday/drunken evening of frivolity, depending on what you celebrate. I had a very nice time, with an awesome Christmas dinner (made my myself and my wife) and some great presents, including the Lord of the Rings extended blu-ray set and a G.B.F (Garrett Bobby Ferguson or Giant Bearded Face) t-shirt.

What the hell is G.B.F? I hear you cry.

This is G.B.F. And if you’ve ever seen Regular Show, you’ll know why he’s awesome.

But discussing my fantastic Christmas haul, isn’t why we’re here. It’s to announce the winners of the Born of Hatred competition. One lucky person will win a Lego Nate.

I’m going to use this picture at every available opportunity.

I’d just like to thank everyone who took part. As my daughter, and usual name picker, is otherwise engaged with whatever present she wants to play with today, the winners names were picked out via an incredibly geeky formula I did in Excel. So it was utterly random and completely unknown to me who would win what.

So, in reverse order.

Third Prize

You win a poster sized (20 by 30 inches) copy of the cover to either Born of Hatred or Crimes Against Magic (you can pick which), signed by myself and the artist, Eamon O’Donoghue. And a signed bookmark.

Ben Dean


Second Prize

You win the same as above (poster of your choice and a bookmark), along with a signed copy of Born of Hatred.



First Prize

You win a poster sized copy of both covers (Born of Hatred and Crimes Against Magic), both signed by Eamon and myself. A bookmark. A signed copy of Born of Hatred. And the Lego Nate. And the winner is:









Natalie Westgate

Congrats to all of the winners. I’m picking up the posters in the beginning of Jan, and will just wait until the books turn up until I send everything out. So, you may not get them for a few weeks, but I’ll let you know when everything is sent.

As before, the winners now have 10 days to contact me and let me know their address so I can send them their prizes.

Thanks to everyone who took part, and have a good weekend.

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  1. You have no idea how much this has made my day!!! 😀 Soooooo thrilled to win the Lego Nate! Eeeeeee *happy squee* 😀 I’ll send you a FB message with my address right away, and will try not to have too much bouncy happy excitement in it hehehe.

    • 🙂 I’m glad you’re happy. I’m thinking I may have to do more figures every time I launch a book.

      • You should totally do that!! 😀

        I wanted to say a quick note about shipping things here – sometimes I think the post office workers run over parcels with a herd of hippos. So bubble wrap gallore and strong box (or strong poster tube) definitely required!

  2. That Lego Nate is the coolest thing ever.

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