Tombs and Assassins

No real blog today as I’m deep into writing With Silent Screams (about ½ way through now) and trying very hard to not think about making notes for book 4 and 5. Why ideas always pop into my head when I’m meant to be doing something else, I have no idea. Not complaining mind you, it’s just awkward.

On the non writing front, I’m playing the new Tomb Raider. If you own a PS3 or 360 or a PC, buy this game. It’s simply incredible. I’m about 6 hours in and it’s very hard to put down.

Her voice work is, for the most part, excellent. The same can’t be said for the rest of the cast, but they’re all serviceable.

It also has a good story, a rarity for a game, which was written by the always good Rhianna Pratchett (who wrote the excellent Mirrors Edge). Very few videogames have a story that’s engaging and well written, but in the last few months there have been several. Ni No Kuni and the Bafta winning Dishonored are the two off the top of my head. Hopefully with Bioshock Infinite out at the end of the month, it’s a trend that’ll continue.

Very few games make you feel as much of a badass as this game.

So, that’s my recommendation for anyone wanting to play a videogame: Tomb Raider. Although, both Ni No Kuni and Dishonoured are well worth your time – the latter my favourite game from 2012 and should be played by everyone.

So, that’s it for this week. Short and sweet. Have a good weekend.

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  1. LOL, I’m also a fair bit into Tomb Raider and have to say that unless its having to blow up wooden obstructions I’m playing the whole thing with the bow. Having a lot of fun with it as well. In addition to this, yep huge Dishonoured fan and will try to get a complete no kill score for the game at some point soon.

    • The bow is excellent. It was probably the best weapon to use. And Dishonoured is such a great game. I too need to do a no kill run. But I want to wait until I’ve finished Bioshock next week.

  2. Sigh my husband has been looking at this one. I know he was talking about how great the graphics look and even though he hasn’t played the first few, this latest Tome Raider definatly has his eye. I may as well bite the bullet and buy it this weekend. I’ll loose Shawn for a few weeks but that just means I’ll have more time to write, while he plays cause I know my boys will be watching like hawks as Daddy plays his game. 🙂 Thanks for the Review and good luck with your writing.

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