Update 3.1

Okay, I’ve been asked a few times this week to come up with a way to let everyone know when there are updates on the next book.

Now, I don’t really have a permanent solution at the moment as my brain function is almost exclusively working on With Silent Screams, but I’ve come up with an idea.

For most of you, the best place to get regular updates will be my twitter, facebook, or facebook pages profiles, I post to all of them fairly regularly and in amongst the thoughts about how awesome Bioshock Infinite is, are usually a few posts about how the book is coming along. Links can be found along the right hand side of this page.

But because not everyone likes using either of those things, I’ve come up with another way. I’m going to create a With Silent Screams page to go alone with the other two book pages I have on this blog. When an update comes along, I’ll post it in there. Hopefully, that way everyone can get their updates without having to search or wonder what’s going on.

 Just to continue the point, Bioshock Infinite really is incredibly awesome.

Just to continue the point, Bioshock Infinite really is incredibly awesome.

So, where am I with the book?


About 83,000 words have been finished, so there’s not long to go now. Within the next few weeks, I should have some more details about what’s going on and when the book will actually be released.

In the meantime, I’ve got my author photos being taken on Saturday. I did briefly consider having a shave, but screw it, the Grizzly Adams look is still in right?

And then on Sunday, I’m off to the London Book Fair, which I’m quite looking forward to. I don’t have a booth or anything, I’ll just be wandering around listening to people far smarter than I talk about writing. Should be fun.

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