Book Update 3.2

It’s time for another book update.


With Silent Screams, is now on approximately 109,000 words, so I have about 10k left to do. And then the editing process begins. Yay, edits. So, it’s coming along quite nicely at the moment. In fact the person who’s read it said it was the best thing I’ve ever written, so I’m pretty excited about it.

It also means I may actually write a full blog post when it’s done. But let’s get the book finished first.

And now for a slight announcement. In a few weeks I’ll be running a competition to win something very cool, and the only way to win is to answer a question about Born of Hatred. So, if for some odd reason you haven’t read it yet, you may want to. And if you haven’t actually purchased it then it’s currently only $3.99 (£2.70), so you’ve got even more of a reason to buy it apart from the over 100, 5 and 4 star reviews (which I’m very grateful for)!


That’s it for another week. Normal service may resume next week, or it may not. Until then, have a good weekend.


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  1. It sounds like you’re rattling along, Steve, and getting such positive feedback pre-edit is great. The new book should be a storming one when it’s done. Now, stop reading this and get back to writing it! 😉

  2. I quite enjoyed your first two books and am looking forward to the next instalment. With only 10k words left, and an editing process, hopefully this will be ready by fall. Thanks for a solid series.

  3. itwasthatotherguy

    I’m not a patient man, so I must insist that you finish the book soon. No social life for you until then.
    My way of saying I quite enjoyed the first two.

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