Monthly Archives: May 2013

Update 3.3

There’s going to be a bit of a re-occurring theme going on with this and the previous posts, but I’m almost done with this draft of the book. Once that’s done I have a bunch of edits to do, so unfortunately I don’t have a release date for you just yet. But I do appreciate everyone being very patient.

I also know that I said there was going to be a competition to win something cool, and there will be, but I’m sort of waiting on a few things before I go ahead with it, so as soon as I get the okay, you will all know what you can win and how.

This has nothing to do with what you can win. Nope, not even slightly. I just really like the picture.

In the meantime, if you have any interest in winning something very cool, read Born of Hatred. The question I’m going to ask will come from that book.

I know it’s all very vague, but I promise all will become clear in the near future.


Other news:


I saw the new Star Trek last week and it’s fantastic. If you have any interest in Star Trek or the first movie in the re-boot, go see the new film, you won’t be disappointed. I was even impressed with the 3D, something I don’t normally care about even slightly.



These three men are so good in the film.

I took Mim (my eldest daughter) to go see The Croods at the weekend too. It was good fun, although incredibly formulaic; new younger person intrudes in the family, causing friction with dad who was in charge. Everyone in the family begins to love him, except dad, which leads to a clash between the two. They make up and work together. Despite that it was funny, and silly and made me laugh a few times, which is the important thing when it comes to kids movies.

And then next week it’s Superman. Which had better not suck, it’s been far too long since a good Superman film (a non animated one).

Please be more like Dark Knight  and not Dark Knight Rises.

Also, finally got round to watching Archer Season 4. I love Archer, which if you haven’t seen before, shame on you. It’s probably the funniest TV show on at the moment, although it is definitely not for kids.

Danger Zone!!!!!

Speaking of TV, Michael J Fox is back with a TV show, the trailer of which looks awesome. I’m glad to see him back on TV after so long, Spin City was one of my favourite comedy shows when it was on.


So, that’s it from me for another week. I hope you all gave a good weekend. I’m off to do some more writing.