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Competition and Questions

Well, it’s been 2 weeks since I announced my signing with 47North and I’d just like to take a moment to say thanks for everyone who offered their congratulations.

The support has been pretty much universal, but there have been questions, so I figured I’d take the opportunity to go through them.


What’s happening to books 1 and 2?

They’re being re-released in Sept of this year with new covers and some edits inside. The story remains the same, but the edits will change a few bits and make a few things easier on the reader. If it make you feel better, think of them as my Director’s Cut.


When will book 3 be released?

Feb 2014.


Are there more Hellequin Chronicles books to come?

Yes, I have notes for lots of them. So there’s going to be no shortage of stories.


Will Prison of Hope, book 4, be released in 2014?

I have no idea. Ask me the question after book 3 is released and I may have a different answer. But I have to write it first.


Will there be any novella’s?

Yes, yes there will be. I’ve got notes for quite a few of those too. One of which, Infamous Reign, will be hopefully released this Halloween. I’ll go into more details soon, but it’s turning into quite the enjoyable little story. And hopefully it’ll be a nice way to get ready for With Silent Screams.


I think they were the main questions I received over the past fortnight, but if you have any others, feel free to ask and I’ll put them in my next blog.







So, now onto the results of the competition.

Firstly, thanks to everyone who entered. Because there were so many people taking part, I’ve decided to not only give away a Paperwhite to the winner, but also signed copies of Born of Hatred to the next 2 names picked.

And without further ado. My lovely assistant, Harley, will draw a name from a hat.

My wife and my lovely assistant, Harley.

My wife and my lovely assistant, Harley.

Firstly, the two runners up, who both get a free signed copy of Born of Hatred.

Jacob Stein


Kaela Martin

Born-of-Hatred (1)

and the winner is:

Ken Haugen


Congrats to all of the winners. You all have 14 days to let me know where to send your winnings.


This is just a brief update.

Due to the huge number of entries, I’ll be doing the draw tomorrow afternoon. This should give everyone in different timezones enough time to get their answer in before the competition ends.

I’ve also decided that there will be a second and third place, each person will receive a signed copy of Born of Hatred.

Back tomorrow with the results.

The Good, The Bad and The Awesome.

Okay, so for the last few weeks you may have seen some posts on Facebook or twitter about some good news. Well, now is the time to tell you all about it.

First, The Good:

With Silent Screams has a release date.


The Bad:

It’s February 2014.


The Awesome:

I know some of you will look at the date and groan in horror. Well there’s a reason for it. I’m proud to announce that I have a three book contract with 47North, the fantasy, horror and sci-fi imprint of Amazon Publishing.

Now they’re going to re-publish books 1 and 2 in Sept this year, with new covers and a few edits here and there and then publish book 3 next Feb.

It’s a pretty major thing for me, and I for one couldn’t be happier. They’ve all been incredibly helpful and very nice to work with, and I’m really looking forward to see where the future takes me.

Now, I know the wait is long, especially for those of you who got a copy of Born of Hatred last December, and for that I can only apologise. It sucks and I’m sorry.

Hopefully this next bit will make up for it.





To celebrate The Awesome, and to say thank you to every single person who purchased a copy of the book and made it a success, I’m going to run a competition for those of you who have read Born of Hatred.

This is open to anyone, worldwide, and the prize is… a Kindle Paperwhite.


Bow accessory not included.

That’s right one lucky, lucky bugger is going to win a brand new Paperwhite. And what do you have to do to win this, I hear you ask?

It’s very simple, you answer this question.

In Born of Hatred, what two mythological beings did Nate visit in Canada?

For anyone who has read the book, that should be quite easy. And for the rest of you, go pick up a copy now:

Links –


Once you have the answer, e-mail me via the Contact button on the front page, or send me a message on Facebook or Twitter.  1 name will be randomly chosen on 20th June 2013. Good luck.