Born of Hatred – New Cover

That’s right, I’m back already. 2 posts in 1 day. This time, I’m pleased to be able to present to you all the new cover for Born of Hatred, which is being re-released by 47North on 17th September 2013.


Book 2 in the Hellequin Chronicles.

There are some things even a centuries-old sorcerer hesitates to challenge…

When Nathan Garret’s friend seeks his help investigating a bloody serial killer, the pattern of horrific crimes leads to a creature of pure malevolence, born of hatred and dark magic. Even with all his powers, Nate fears he may be overmatched. But when evil targets those he cares about and he is confronted by dire threats both old and new, Nate must reveal a secret from his recently remembered past to remind his enemies why they should fear him once more.

Born of Hatred, set in modern London with historical flashbacks to America’s Old West, continues the dark urban fantasy of Crimes Against Magic, the acclaimed first book in the gritty and action-packed Hellequin Chronicles.

The book has edits and changes to the original story that was published December 2012, and is available to pre-order:

Kindle edition:

Paperback Edition:

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  1. If we already bought the books will we have to pay to get the new covers and edits or will there be an update for the old books?

  2. When the new covers come out if we bought the old books, do we have to buy the new ones to get the edits and new covers or will there be an update for the old books?

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