What’s in a Name?

Hello one and all.

A few weeks ago, I ran a competition where a lucky winner was going to get to name a character in Hellequin Chronicles book 4, Prison of Hope.

The winners were

Scott Hollander

Zoe Mountain

Kyle Felis Key

Each of them sent me a male and female name to use and I was going to pick the one I liked the best and go with it. Well, each of them managed to give me a name I really liked. So, instead of just one of them getting a name in the book, all 3 of them will have a character named in book 4.

So, from Scott Hollander his name choice going into the book will be – Sarah Hamilton

Zoe Mountain – Magali Martin

Kyle Felis Key – Robert Ellis

Congrats to them all. Now, I won’t say what any of these people are going to be when in they’re in the book, but all of them will have at least one sentence of dialog. And all 3 winners will go into the acknowledgements of my book. So, congrats to them all.

I’m off to go kill some characters… I mean write some… yes, write.

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