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Hellequin Chronicles Competition

If you’ve read the title of the post and come here expecting to learn how to win something, then you’re in the right place. And it’s something that I think is pretty cool.





So first how to win. What you need to do is follow this link to my author page on Facebook Once there, like my page and then in the post about the competition, tell me why you’d like to win. That simple. I’ll pick the winner at random in 10 days.


And what can you win? Well, I have signed copies of the MP3 audio CD for both Crimes Against Magic and Born of Hatred to give away to one lucky person.


So there you have it. Go like my author page, tell me why you’d like to win and maybe you will.



Good luck.

Infamous Reign Opening

Because I’m feeling generous. Here’s the opening to Infamous Reign.


Chapter 1

September 1483, Tower of London.

It’s surprisingly easy to gain access to a king when many of his most trusted servants and advisers also work for you.

The king’s guard all moved aside, most ensuring they didn’t make eye contact. Those who knew who I was also had a pretty good idea of why I was there, and so avoided me for that reason. Those who didn’t know me must have sensed my dark mood and decided that pissing me off further than I already seemed to be wouldn’t have enhanced their chances for a quiet life.

Thus unencumbered, I made my way through the courtyard of the royal palace toward the Grand Hall, where the king was holding court. I reached the doors and opened them, stepping through into a room that lived up to its name.

The hall was both massive and opulent, with the king’s banners showing the House of York’s white rose, alongside the usual imagery of inaccurate looking griffins and fleur-de-lis draped next to stunning stained glass windows, some of which depicted the king’s personal badge, a white boar.

Several dozen men and women, of all ages and ranks, stood before King Richard III of England; as he sat on his throne. Each subject was given the opportunity, in turn, to ask, or beg the king, for whatever favor he or she wished. Some wishes granted, some were not, it was wholly dependent on the king’s mood of the day and how much he either liked or needed the petitioner.  The king’s judgment was final, too. Sometimes you got a good king, a just king, a king who would help his people. And sometimes you got a blood-thirsty savage. Either way, so long as Merlin and Avalon were happy, we didn’t intervene in human politics. Unfortunately, on this day, Merlin was far from happy. Which led to the reason why I was here.

I resisted the temptation to make a point by removing anyone but the king from the room. He was finishing up a proclamation that permitted one of his subjects was to marry someone else, and I allowed the moment to continue. It wasn’t them I was angry with.

When the king finished, he noticed me for the first time, and all color drained from his face. If you’re the ruler of a country and I’m standing before you, it’s usually not because you’re doing a good job. The first time it happens is just after a coronation. I, or someone just like me, arrives and tells you exactly where you stand in the world and explain that you either behave, which means doing the things we ask, or you’ll receive another, less pleasant, visit.

The king before me knew exactly why I was there. Two princes, Edward and Richard, had vanished after being placed in his custody. He was either personally involved in something very bad, or he knew who was. It had been left for me to either fix it or to ensure that it was King Richard III’s final error.

King Richard signaled to one of his aides who then told everyone that court was over and would reconvene on the morrow. I stood still as the confused masses were ushered from of the hall, until only the king and I were left.

“I know why you’re here,” he said.

“That should make this go a lot quicker then,” I snapped and walked toward him. “Your majesty.” I didn’t bow or even nod in his direction. That wasn’t a judgment against the man; there wasn’t a human king or queen alive that I would have done it for. None of them were my king.

“Hellequin, you have to understand.” Fear broke through his voice.


Okay, I’ll leave it there. If there’s any spelling or grammar errors, note it’s because it isn’t finished yet. Should be a few weeks. It’ll be priced $1.99 too.

In other news, I’m starting to arrange a newsletter, so if you’re interested, I’ll be holding a competition for those who sign up when it’s all working. Keep an eye out in the coming days and weeks.

Infamous Reign

It’s now time to reveal the blurb for Infamous Reign: A Hellequin Novella.


In late 15th century England, two young princes are given over by Merlin to the protection of their uncle, King Richard III. They soon vanish from sight, igniting tales of their demise at Richard’s hand and breeding unrest throughout the land.

Nathanial Garrett, also known as Hellequin, is sent to London to decipher fact from rumor and uncovers a plot to replace the king. But his investigation quickly becomes personal when he learns that an old nemesis is involved. He soon finds himself racing against time to rescue the boys before their fate, and the fate of all England, is sealed in blood.

Infamous Reign is a novella in the popular Hellequin Chronicles series, mixing gritty and action-packed historical fantasy with ancient mythology.



An actual release date will be revealed toward the end of the month.



Infamous Reign – A Hellequin Novella.

Today it’s time to finally show you the cover for the Hellequin Novella – Infamous Reign.

I’ll spill the beans on what it’s about next week, but for now, bask in the glory of the cover.




Nice, isn’t it? As for a release date. Within the month. I know some of you have waited a long time for book 3 (and still have a few months to wait), but hopefully this novella will help whet your appetite until the main event.