With Silent Screams Launch

The time is here. After over a year of waiting, Hellequin Chronicles book 3; With Silent Screams is live.

It already has 2, 5 star reviews, with one reviewer saying, “I can not recommend these books enough. Steve… is well on his way to becoming a major new fantasy writer.”

Hope you all enjoy the book.

Click on the cover for the link to the book.

With Silent Screams small

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  1. Hi Steve,

    Way to go – getting the third book out the door. Hope it does really well for you.

  2. Steve is not on his way to becoming a major fantasy writer. Steve IS a major fantasy writer. Judging by the quality of his books he is solidly there already.its up to us , his fans, to spread the word.

  3. Pre-ordered the audiobook & downloaded it today- can’t wait to listen!

  4. Thanks for the Helleqiun books. They are easily among the top three best fantasy / detective series I have read, along with the Dresden files and the Iron Druid series. I await book four with great anticipation. Congratulations on establishing a recurring “treat” story line in book three, it greatly increases the anticipation for upcoming chapters.

    Do you have any projections on how many books the series will be? Thanks again for your work.

    • That’s high praise indeed. Thanks very much. No idea exactly how many books, but I know how it ends and have no intention of doing so for some time.

      • I look forward to many more days spent in the world you are creating then. Very compelling environment. I noticed in the author’s bio that you enjoy gaming in your off time. If you are ever looking to hook up a group of older folks with the same career and family commitments, who just enjoy gaming, shoot me a PM. Thanks for your response.

      • I do like gaming, although my time constraints mean I don’t get to do it very often (I think The Last of Us was the last game I finished). Thanks very much for the kind offer.

  5. So when is book 4?? I agree with the poster who mentioned Iron Druid and Dresden. Can’t wait for the next one.

    • Thanks very much. No idea about book 4. I’m currently writing it and it all depends on what 47North (my publisher) plans to do with the rest of the series. Worst case scenario I’d imagine this time next year.

  6. Jeffrey Juchau MD

    Excellent story, I have enjoyed your books from start to finish. Keep up the awesome story telling that allows me to escape into this world of fantasy .

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