Had a bit of a new Trailer watch last night and I figured what else is a blog for if I can’t share my opinions!

TMNT: Megan Fox being awful and it looks like it’s either going to be good fun or a train wreck. Now I like early Bay films (The Rock and Bad Boys), but since then they’ve all been dreadful. Still, he’s not directing so there’s a glimmer of hope.

If the movie sucks at least the new cartoon is good fun. What, am I saying, ‘if’, of course it’s gonna suck.

Lucy: I’m happy to admit I do like Scarlet Johansson, and Luc Besson’s films are usually, at the very least, entertaining. But saying that, the whole using more than 10% of your brain has been played out a bit. Still it looked pretty good and something I’d probably enjoy.

I don’t really need a caption here, do I?

Joe: Nic Cage in acting shock! It reminds me a little of the sublime, A History of Violence, and when Nic is on, he’s very much on.

And if nothing else, that is a masterful beard.


Jinn: I have no idea what the hell happened in this trailer. Bright colours and noise. Looks dull.

Oh there was a car in it, and the car looked pretty good. There, that’s the end of what I remember.

Jupiter Ascending: Okay confession time, I like Channing Tatum. He seems like a nice guy and he’s been in a few films I’ve enjoyed, but nothing spectacular. I don’t see this changing that view. It looks like an okay science-fiction/action film with Sean Bean, who I’m sure will die at some point in heroic fashion.

I’m guessing he dies with fighting a hoard of aliens, cup of tea in one hand and broken bottle in the other. As a Yorkshire-man should.


Edge of Tomorrow: It’s a Tom Cruise film based on a Japanese novel. Interesting premise, where a soldier dies in battle and has to constantly relive the same battle over and over in an attempt to win and get better, but the trailer didn’t do it any favours.

Brick Mansions: Paul Walkers last completed film is a remake of the incredible French film, District 13. This looks identical to the original, with some of the same cast returning. Should be good fun.

Hercules: Not the shambolic movie that came out a few months ago, this one has Dwayne Johnson in it. I’ve always liked The Rock in action films, so I can see this being a great watch.

If nothing else, he damn well looks the part. That lion he’s wearing is probably the happiest it’s ever been. You know, if it weren’t dead.

The Raid 2: If you haven’t seen The Raid, stop whatever you’re doing and go watch it. It’s the best action film for the last… well, since Die Hard. After 20 minutes of set up, it’s then an incredible 90 minutes of brutal, unrelenting action that will have you glued to your seat. And the sequel looks like being even more insane. I can’t wait to see this.

In any Asian action film, when the above part happens, you just know the following fight is going to be amazing.

Moms’ Night Out: Yeah, I know, I was just curious. Trailer raised a chuckle until it got to the bit where the dads are left alone with their kids and they don’t cope. Because as we all know, dad’s are fucking useless. Total horseshit.

So, there you go all the trailers I watched. Some look good, some look bad. But what I can take from all of it is that The Raid 2 will be full of awesome, so I’m happy.

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  1. Yeah, I’m looking forward to the Rock’s Hercules, so is my Dad. Trouble is these days my Dad has learned that if its a new film, the ones he’s usually interested in are bought by either myself or my twin, so he tends to hold on, let us buy them and then borrow. Other than that he tends to think paying more than a fiver for a film is him being over charged. LOL

    So the moral here I guess is make sure you educate your daughters into liking your type of films and you’ll never have to buy them when they get older. LOL

    • My dad has learned something similar. LOL. My oldest daughter has similar interests as me. it means I can buy thing that I can say we both enjoy when my wife asks why another film has come through the post. 😀

  2. I’m a big Sci-Fi and Fantasy fan, so even though these summer Sci-Fi films aren’t the greatest, I’m encouraged that they are being made and with a decent budget and actors. I hope they do well enough that we start seeing more quality Sci-Fi films being made.

    • I’m hoping Sci-Fi gets more and more of a look in if the ones in production are successful. Maybe one day someone will then make Altered Carbon and I’ll be happy.

      • A movie about Takeshi Kovacs?? That would be seriously interesting, though i think you have more chance of getting Woken Furies made into a movie than Altered Carbon.
        In my opinion, i think the movie makers will be looking more and more to something new – but getting the budget for it will be difficult unless they can guarantee a big “name” star to pull the punters. All we’re getting these days, is remakes of old movies, or an anglicized version of another film – whether this was japanese, bollywood, french, etc.

  3. Edge of Tomorrow – it’s based on “Hiroshi Sakurazaka – all you need is kill”. It’s a really good book. easy to read and it just flows. The main character is a basic grunt just starting out in the JSDF (Japanese Self Defense Forces), and he learns skills from his sergeant, then he gets to meet “The Iron Bitch”, Throw in some killing, some romance, a touch of time looping, some nerdy tech, and then it’s on for young and old. I recommend getting the book ,sitting down on a Sunday arvo and having a read.
    Looked at the webpage for the movie – not liking the look of it at all, plus it’s released on the anniversary of D-day. “Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition”, LOL.

    • I’ve read about it and it sounds great. I’ll have to get myself a copy to read. I’m not so convinced that Tom Cruise is the man to lead the film, but then I’m not convinced about that most of the time.

      • I totally agree with you on this one. Look at the movie “Jack Reacher”, in which Cruise was the star. In the series, Reacher is supposed to be 6’4″ approx 250Lbs. Big guy all round. Cruise is 5’7″. That there just put me off seeing that movie straight up.

      • That’s pretty much the exact problem I had with it. One of the main traits of Reacher is his size, and it just didn’t work as well without that.

  4. Make sure to see The Winter Soldier if you haven’t yet. An incredible movie.

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