It’s Been a While



I noticed the other day that I haven’t had a blog post about writing for some time. I figured an update on book 4 was probably in order.


Hellequin Chronicles Book 4: Prison of Hope is currently about 70,000 words in, so I’ve probably got 50k-ish left. It’s got quite a lot of characters from Greek mythology in it, but I don’t want to say too much more for fear of giving it away.

The question I’m getting asked the most is when will it be out?

I don’t know is the honest answer. It’s up to my publisher and it’s something I hope to find out in the not too distant future, so once I’m aware of it, I can let everyone know.

In the meantime, I’m plodding along with it and it’s all coming together very nicely. We’ve got a bunch of new species in book 4 and some very cool new characters I’m looking forward to people enjoying/hating.

I can tell you that the flashback scenes in book 4 are set in 1936, Berlin. Book 3’s flashbacks in the 1970s are going to be the closest to current times that we’re going to see for a while, so I plan on going back further and further now to learn more about Nate and his past.

So, there you go, a short update.

If you’re interested in discussing the books, there’s not a group on Facebook that does just that (In fact I’ve posted the first sentence of the book there). Click the picture below to go join in. Until next time

The beginning of book 4’s current setting is here. Not saying where that is though. I’m cruel like that.


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  1. Read all your books and looking forward to reading your next book, please hurry lol

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