To The Point

Right, started chapter 25.

75k in and still some way to go. New species, new powers and new characters.

I’m enjoying writing book 4 a lot.


Joined all 4

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  1. Frank Brutski

    In the first book, I believe it was mentioned that outside of blood and elemental magic there was a second school of magic in between. If I remember correctly, this school was learned when a sorcerer is around 1,000 years old at least. I was wondering, since Nate is 1600, if he can access this school of magic, or if it will ever be seen? He does mention thathe was not able to use this “omega magic” but could it be that it was like blood magic in the fact that he had to actively want to use it or something? I find this an interesting concept and would love to see a new depth too his powers even though the necromancy was pretty sweet. I have puzzled over this, especially in the last book, and maybe with his recent power increase he could start to learn this magic. Just a though though…

    • Frank Brutski

      It is mentioned briefly on page 21 in Crimes Against Magic…although I am reading on my phone and that may effect page number

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