Road Warrior

This post has nothing to do with writing. Well, at the moment it doesn’t, maybe toward the end I’ll throw in an anecdote and it’ll be witty and clever, and I’ll look back on this opening and wonder why I didn’t think of it earlier. Or I’ll mention I’m an author and feel good about dropping it in. But at the moment no writing.


It’s about driving.


I’m 34 years old (35 in a few weeks) and a few months ago I took the steps to start driving for the first time. Being 34 and being unable to drive never really felt that weird, I live near a big city, there’s lots of public transport, so I wasn’t too concerned.


But I have 3 kids, and a new career as an author…




Anyway, it’s become evident that I need to learn to drive. So I’ve set about having lessons. I passed my theory a few weeks ago and today I set my practical test for a few months time. It was a nervous moment, knowing I have this test in a few months, but I feel okay. I’m going to to suggest that I’m some sort of genius when I get behind the wheel. Unless you count stalling it, I’m damn fine at that, but for 14 hours of driving time, I feel fairly confident I’m not going to mount the pavement and squash someone who annoyed me. Yet, anyway. We’ll see how much pedestrians keep annoying me.


Seriously people, watch the road, not your damn phone. Also to the people who beep me because I’m not going fast enough. Firstly, I’m obeying the speed limit. Secondly, I’m in a car with a big bloody great ‘L’ on top of it, give me a break. And lastly, you see that gear stick right next to you. Well, you can just shove it up your ass.


Anyway…to be honest, I’m quite enjoying driving (apart from a few other ‘drivers’), something that whenever I mention it to people who have driven for a while their response is either, “it’s awesome, you’ll love it” or “that won’t last.” Apparently the act of driving is incredibly polarising. Who knew?


So, that’s what I’ve been up do. Learning to drive being all grown up and stuff. I guess it took longer than usual, but it’s actually okay.


Oh, yeah, I’ve been editing book 4 too. I promise I’ll have a release date soonish for everyone. Book 5 should have one too. Just to drop that in at the end there.


Have a good week, all. I’ll be back soon.

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  1. Welcome to the world of driving! It’s a fun, scary place — and props to you for not letting angry drivers get you down. I have to admit, I am one of those people who gets annoyed with drivers going the speed limit, but when I see anything to indicate they’re learning how to drive (or they have kids in the car, or pets, or whatever), I obviously back off. Anyway, happy driving, and good luck on your driving test!

  2. Good luck on your driving test don’t let other drivers bother you because if you do it will make you crazy.

  3. Mate, learnt to drive when i was 17, never got my licence until i was 23, never needed it until i moved out of town. Now at 44, have clocked up gazillions of km’s. Once you have a car, you forget that legs are a means of transport, you’ll just pop down the corner store, which was a 10 minute walk, or a 2 minute drive. anyway, you’ll enjoy yourself, and just watch out for the idiots in the other cars. Oh, and maybe take a defensive driving course whilst your at it, thats a bit of an eye opener as wll

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