American and German Sale

That’s right, the Hellequin Chronicle books are on sale in both America and Germany.


In America all 3 books are just $1.99 each. Click here to go see.

Joined all 4


And in Germany, the first book, Crimes Against Magic is in the Kindle Monthly Deal and is only 0.99 Euros. Here’s the link for that too. 

If you haven’t picked them up yet, now’s a great chance before the launch of Book 4, Prison of Hope in April.

A review of With Silent Screams:

“be prepared to be riveted to your seat for an entire weekend, or longer, whatever it takes to read this series – WITHOUT interruption. Be kind – warn your spouse first before you dig in, it may be key to maintaining a healthy relationship whilst you’re immersed in Hellequin’s tales.”

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