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I did a FB event on the weekend, and I thought a few people might like to read what I wrote and see what the answers to a few questions about future Hellequin books were.  To begin with here’s what I posted. The questions are down below.

Joined all 4

I’m Steve McHugh, author of dark Urban Fantasy series the Hellequin Chronicles. And when I first came up with the idea for the series, I wasn’t entirely sure how it was all going to work.

I had this mammoth idea for multiple books chronicling the life of the main character, Nathan (Nate) Garrett. Nate is a 1600-year-old sorcerer, who also goes by the name of Hellequin. He was the shadowy assassin for Merlin (yes, that Merlin), who left his post under less than ideal circumstances. He’s a man capable of extreme levels of violence on his enemies, while being someone that his friends count on. The fact that he has a sort of switch in his head that lets him go from calm and pleasant, to committing awful acts against his enemies, took time for me to get my head around.

I spent several years with Nate before I wrote the first book, Crimes Against Magic, and even longer re-writing it and getting it to a place I was happy with. And finally in 2012, the book was published, and now the 4th book, Prison of Hope, is just about to launch too. It’s been a crazy few years. Going from self to traditionally published author was not the journey I’d expected, but it’s worked out well.

After I finished book 4, I immediately started book 5 (which is also out in Aug this year), and then I stopped. I can switch Nate (and many of his friends) on and off in my head without trouble, but we need a break from one another. I don’t want to get to the point where I’m tired of writing Nate. I’ve got a lot of plans for Nate’s future, and the trouble he’s going to get into, but until then I’ve got some other books to write. And there’s nothing quite like writing something new and unknown to make things fun.


And now for the Questions!


Q: Are we likely to see Nate in are we going to see him in the trenches of World war one?

A: Well book 5 is 1888 London, and I’ve got plans for one in 15th or 16th century Japan, one in China. Another in the USA. And I’m torn between Mongolian and the Ottoman Empire. I may just use both. No plans for WW1 just yet, although that’s not to say he won’t be in there at some point.  The whole WW1 timeline for Nate isn’t set in stone yet. So I need to figure out where he’d be at that time. Oh I forgot, Russia too. 1916/17.


Q: London 1888 does that mean what I think it means?

A: You think it’s Jack the Ripper? I can neither confirm nor deny that.


Q: I see Merlin in that book description? I don’t read a lot of historical fiction, but that kind of historical I can get into.

A:  It’s set in Modern day with flashbacks to a period in Nate’s life. So book 1 was The Hundred Years War, book 2 was 1882 Montana, Book 3 1970s Maine and book 4 is 1936 Germany. And yes, it’s that Merlin.


Q: The Hellequin Chronicles includes aspects of Greek and Roman mythology. Can you speak to that?

A: The idea is that all of the gods and goddesses from myth are real, but they’re sorcerers or elementals and that sort of thing. So yes, Greek, Roman, Norse they’re all real, and don’t exactly get on. But it’s all governed by Avalon, which is led (in theory) by Merlin.

Book 4 has the first Roman God in it (Diana). I LOVE writing Diana.


Q: Will Nate meet with the voodoo queen of Mississippi?

A: I have no plans for Nate to visit the Mississippi. Although I only work out the flashback a few in advance, so it’s very possible. I’d like to do one in New Orleans.


Q: Does that mean Thor could turn up in a future book?

A:  The whole Norse group will be dealt with in the future.


Q: What about a novella set just before the 1st book? I liked cat burglar Nate.

A: I did have a plan for that, yes.


Q: Will we get to see the people in London from the first book? (Kinda curious about the favors and that from Francis)

A: Yes. Book 6.


Thanks to everyone who turned up and asked a question. If you have any that I haven’t answered, feel free to ask in the comments section below.

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  1. Roderick J. McDuffie

    Hello Mr. Mchugh. I have read the first 3 books and I have to say that your characters are some of the best. I have read a lot of Star Wars books and you have taken me away from them. I look forward to your next books and any thing new that you do. You have a fan in me.

  2. Roderick J. McDuffie

    Mr. Mchugh. Nate’s nightmare in the second book was using his magic without being hit with some. In the first book when he fought a nightmare. Nate used magic against a nightmare and the nightmare used it against him. My question is will Nate’s nightmare be different from any other on in his world?

  3. Do you have a description for Lies Ripped Open that seems to be up on Amazon (US) for pre-order?

  4. I really enjoy this series, and I think that should mean a lot, seeing as I’ve racked up over 400 kindle books in the past 2 years or so alone. I really like the concept, I’m just extremely impatient, I need book 7! I need to know what the nightmares are, who Nate’s father is, what Nate’s father is, and what that means for Nate. I’m a little over halfway through book 6 now, and I’ve been looking for spoilers online, but I can’t find any answers or speculation. I guess my question is, when is book 7s release date, and are there any hints that you can give us?

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