Last Day At Work


So, this is it. This is my last day of full-time employment. As of 3pm this evening, I am a full-time author. To be fair, it’s about time, trying to write full-time and working full-time isn’t good long-term.

I’ve worked at Siemens, doing Data Analysis, for 11 ½ years. During that time, I’ve met some incredible people who made coming to work worthwhile. I’ve also met some of the worst people I’ve ever had the displeasure to encounter. But they can fuck off, as I’ll never have to see them ever again.

For the last 3 ½ years I’ve been working at Siemens and being also being a published author, and being able to write full-time is something I’ve dreamed of since I was about 12 years old.

After 3pm this evening, I’m done. I’ve brought in enough cake that I think it quantifies as a ‘shit load’, and I’m going to see Star Wars this evening with my wife and daughter. Then I have a weekend off, before I’m going to be getting on with the business of writing.

So, thank you to all of those people who made coming to work worthwhile and entertaining. To everyone who was a pleasure to work with, who was a friend, thank you for the support you gave me when I started writing, and continue to give me now.

I’m not going to miss my job. I’m going to be doing something most people never get to do. I’m going to be doing my dream job. I’m going to be writing stories. Personally I can’t think of anything better to do for a living.

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  1. Wishing you all the very best of luck, although i’m sure you wont need it as your books are fantastic. Merry Christmas 🙂

  2. What a fantastic feeling. Enjoy your last day and all the best for the future 🙂

  3. This is brilliant. Congratulations and I wish you every success.

  4. Congratulations on your first day as a full time writer!🎉👏👏🎂🍻

  5. *snoopydance*

  6. I have read all your books over the last few years and if an author with your ability is now full time then all the better……. Waiting for Hellequin 6 so stop lollygaging pro author and get writing lol

  7. That is AWESOME! !!
    I have just found the Helequin and now need to read all the books.
    so happy for you that your passion is now your daily work.

    • You have an amazing talent and a great story that you have created, Hellequin is now my ultimate favorite just nudging Druss ( gemmel )out, long may your series continue

  8. Great, well done. Keep up theg good work!

  9. Congratulations (so said with some jealousy).

    I discovered the Hellequin books via Kindle Unlimited recently and burned through the lot in a matter of days. For pure consistency of excellence I rate you alongside Patrick Rothfuss (althoigh come to think of it, I didn’t much like his recent novella) Brandon Sanderson (never written anything bad) and (if I ignore the non-Dresden books) Jim Butcher. I would add Pratchett, but thus far you’ve been far more consistently brilliant than him!

    So now, if writing full time gets your output anywhere near that of the obscenely prolific Sanderson, I am going to be a happy, happy man.

    I once realised that although I would like to become a writer one day, I could only do it if I stopped enjoying being a reader more. As long as I keep getting two books a year from any combination of you and the writers above, I know my utter passion for reading will never wane.

    • Thanks for the very high praise. That’s very kind of you. Pratchett, Sanderson and Butcher are 3 of my favourite authors (I’ve only read the first Rothfuss book, which I enjoyed), so being compared to them is incredible.

      Glad you’re enjoying the books, there hopefully a lot more to come.

  10. Evangeline Nebedum

    I have been reading books on magic,fantasy and s-f for over 60 years. I read 2-4 novels a day and have approximately 2,000 of these paperback books in my library.I have a list of 10 authors that I consider the best in this genre,but I have to put you at the top. Your world is so real along with your characters that it leaves me breathless.I read all of your books on my kindle and will attempt to purchase the paper version. Please,Please hurry to release “Promise Of Wrath” so I can stop biting my nails. The best of luck to you and family.

  11. laurie ann campbell

    Congratulations and wish you every succes. I love the world you’ve created centred around nate and hope there are many more books to come!

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