What’s Next?

I figured today is probably the time to tell everyone about what I’ll be doing now that my entire working life will centre around writing. That and drinking.

First of all, I’d like to thank everyone who has supported me over the years, who have purchased and enjoyed my books, who tell their friends and family, who e-mail or message me to say how much the enjoy the books and Nate’s adventures. You’re all awesome and I wouldn’t be able to write full-time without your support. Thank you.

Now, on to what I have coming up. I have several projects I plan to get to in the next 12 months, but as I have a contract for 2 of them, I’ll get to them first.

Hellequin Chronicles Book 6 has a title: Promise of Wrath

And the second book I’ll be writing next year is the first in a new series (it’s set in the Hellequin Universe, but has nothing to do with those books). The book is called: Divided.

I also got a few other things to work on. Basically I’m going to be very busy. Which means I won’t be able to say, “sod it,” and go play Fallout 4. At least not too often.



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  1. I just discovered you and now you won’t be here very much? Oh well. I’ll look forward to the random post 🙂 Have fun and best of luck with your books!

  2. I just got butterfly’s in my stomach when I read the 6th Hellequin tile, can’t wait!!

  3. Good luck Steve, I’ll be getting the next installment as soon as it’s out!

    Oh and don’t play Fallout 4. It drains hours like some kind of time vampire! If you value your free time just leave it alone. Trust me.

    *Looks at xbone in the corner, taunting me with its Fallout-y goodness. *



  4. graeme thompson

    I received a kindle at Christmas and stumbled over the hellequin series I told a sample and I was hooked bought the full series just bought infamous reign as well as I’m on the last boom in the series now I can’t put the books down great read love them

  5. I can’t wait for Promise of Wrath to come out! I discovered the Hellequin series on Kindle Unlimited about 3 months ago & read all 5 of them in one night. Really looking forward to seeing what Nate is going to be up to next, & I’d also love to see more of Tommy and Hades. I also have to admit that I’m uber curious to see a non-Nate book set in this universe. Keep up the fantabulous work!

  6. I’ve added Promise of Wrath to Goodreads for you


    Let me know if you have any more details I can add (other than adding it as #6 in the series, which I can’t do until it has fully proliferated across their internal search engine)

  7. will we see selene in this one. Or remy he was awesome

  8. Absolutely loving the hellequin series and keen to read the next one and more. Quickly becoming a favourite author, chuckling away to myself at Nate’s wit while my bf looks at me oddly. Will be one I reccomend and add to the collection along side the Terry Pratchet favorites 🙂

  9. Excellent series! Well crafted and tightly written. You’ve created an amazing world, with well constructed plots and tantalizing clues that keep me motivated to read on. You just get better with every book. It’s not easy to write in first person yet you do it quite well, and I love the smart-ass banter. Nate is priceless and you, my friend, have firmly established a place in my list of favorite authors, alongside Robert Heinlein, Ann McCaffrey, Elizabeth Moon, David Weber, Terry Pratchett, and Jim Butcher. Best of luck with your writing. When might we see Promise of Wrath? Seriously, can’t wait!

  10. Just read the whole series in a week between lunch breaks at work, and metro rides around the city (Washington, DC). I can’t wait to see what happens next and what our friend will discover as the curse marks are removed…..


  11. Carrie-Ann Evans

    I have read many books and series based on fantasy/supernatural/otherworld characters (Kelley Armstrong, Terry Goodkind, Jim Butcher, Kim Harrison to name a few), but I have to say that the Hellequin Chronicles was an absolute diamond of a find in the kindle store! I have read them all, as well as the novella and was well and truly hooked from the start. I love the leaps in history and how the stories intertwine. I cannot wait for book 6 (please hurry with this…) and any other books you release. Good luck with your writing. Keep the books coming!

  12. I have now read all 5 Hellequin books plus the novella “Infamous Reign”, completely through for the 4th time. I just love these books. I can see these books being amongst my favorites. Rereading them is like visiting an old friend. Absolutely cannot wait for Promise of Wrath. You are an extremely gifted author. I am invested in these characters and any author who can do that

  13. Can’t wait for Promise of Wrath. I discovered your books last week, and read through them all in one weekend. I am absolutely hooked!

  14. Just finished reading all of the Hellequin series, all I can say is wow, addictive reading. I couldn’t put them down. Fantastic reads, cannot wait for the final book. Do you have a date for its release? I love the characters and the world you’ve created, thank you for writing them.

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