USA Hellequin Sale

This is going to be a brief post as I just want to bring to everyone’s attention the sale going on right now in the USA.


All 5 Hellequin books are only $1.99, and with book 6 out this year, this is the perfect time to get stuck into an action-packed, urban fantasy.

Here’s the link:

Joined all 4


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  1. OK then, I’ve filled in the (Amazon lending) gaps with purchases 🙂

  2. Great Deal ! They are fantastic stories….keep them coming !

  3. When is Promise of Wrath likely to be published via Amazon Kindle in the UK please (in case you have a release date yet!)? Thank you!

  4. I’ve been absolutely enthralled with your books and writing style! Keep up the great work! Thanks

    P.S. Anytime I read a novel, I try to sound out in my head what each character is like. At this point, I’m on Prison of Hope. As an American, I’m not up to speed with UK actors, but Nate Garrett sounds an awful lot like Jason Statham to me.

  5. Just found your books, not available in any local libraries and the sale here no longer going on 😦

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