We Got A Dog (and I guess some writing stuff)

This post is probably not going to be of an interest to everyone. There is some writing stuff, as book 6 went off to my publisher today, but this is more to do to do with photos of the puppy we just brought home.

Her name is Korra, she’s 8 weeks old, and she’s a German Shepherd. Bask in her cuteness.





Essentially her job is to make a mess, look cute, bite my feet and sleep.


I’m off to start a new book, which is very exciting, but I may have to leave my office on occasion to play with the new puppy. Just occasionally.

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  1. Congrats on the puppy! 🙂 (and great name!) She looks super cute. I wonder how much mischief she’ll get up to over the next few months?!

    Great to hear about book 6 going to publishers too 😀

  2. Hello Mr. McHugh, beautiful pup, I hope she brings you lots of joy.
    Very excited about book six – Nate is now my favorite and I can’t wait for the next chapter! Looking forward to your new book as well! Hungry for more, keep them coming!

  3. Brilliant news, found your books on amazon new years eve and read all 5 plus the novella already, really looking forward to number 6. Keep going chap we all take great pleasure from your writing. Dog is awesome and yes I mean awesome, love German shepherds. Thanks again 😊


    Yes! I think I’ve literally read all five books in like a week and a half. They’re fantastic. I really hope those blood curse marks come off in the 6th book. I really look forward to it, and to finding out who Nates father is. Cant wait for the 6th book!!!

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