4 Years on.

4 years ago, on the 28th April 2012, I self published my first book, Crimes Against Magic. I sold 28 copies opening day. I was thrilled.


4 years later, and after leaving the self-publishing world for the traditional a few years ago, I’ve had 5 books published, been in the top 10 best-selling books on Amazon US, and and have just handed the 6th in to my publisher after the second round of edits.

Joined all 4

I actually only remembered the milestone of 4 years ago, because my wife reminded me. Otherwise I doubt I’d have remembered at all, and not because it wasn’t important, or anything like that, but simply because so much has happened since then.


I’ve had a more traditional publisher for the last 2 ½ years, after 47North asked if they could re-publish the first 2 books and work with me on wherever the Hellequin Chronicles went. I said yes pretty quickly. As much as self publishing was very rewarding, and I’d done well enough through it, it’s also a colossal amount of extra work. Work where otherwise I could be writing another book. I’ve had a great time working with everyone there, and may that continue to be the case.

download (3)

So, that’s all up to now. 4 years as an author, and about 4 months of that as a full-time author. So, what’s next?


Well, this is going to be a bit of a list, and not everything here will happen within any kind of timeframe that I actually have, but it gives you a rough idea of what I’m working on.


  1. Promise of Wrath (Hellequin 6). This is the one people are asking me about, and I still don’t have a release date, sorry. I still have copy edits, line edits, and probably something else I’m forgetting, to get through first.
  2. A new book with new characters and nothing to do with Hellequin. It’s coming along nicely.
  3. Epic Fantasy book: I plan to start this after Divided. I plan on finishing it too. Best laid plans and all that.
  4. Warbringer: The big epic sci-fi I was working on needs a lot of work, so I have no idea when it’ll be finished. I promise my agent it will be finished though. Promise.



Both 3 and 4 here, don’t have publishers, so that work gets put behind the stuff that does. Oh, and I forgot book 7 of Hellequin. Gotta write that too.


So, after 4 years of being published, I’m busier than I’ve ever been. Bloodborne remains unfinished, and books remain unread.

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  1. Both my husband and I absolutely love your Hellequin books and I am surprised you haven’t sold even more than 300,000 books. Your books race along, are well written and leave the reader waiting on tenterhooks for the next one. Look forward to your other novels now too.

  2. I think I stumbled across your books from an Anazon suggestion based off past purchases and for once they hit it on the mark. I have read all your books twice now and will probably re-read them again when the next book is released. Keep up the fantastic job, and I am looking forward to other stories you have in the works.

  3. Brian Burnham

    I bought Crimes Against Magic as a Amazon sale book solely because I liked the title. It was so much fun to read I read the rest of the titles in 1 1/2 weeks. I anxiously await you forthcoming books. I had not been a Fantasy reader (other the Song of Ice and Fire series which I read because of the HBO show) but am not venturing into that realm due to your writing. Thanks for expanding my horizons.

  4. Go Steve! You’ve done an amazing job!

  5. Martin Siesto

    hey Steve – I am a HUGE fan of the Helequin series and I found them on Audible. It actually angered me that your books were selling at 7 bucs or so … Because I have read / listened to other fiction that was not even half as god for 3 times the price. Weird thing to be mad about – shrugs. The production value for these is fantastic… the Narrator top notch- I have to admit when the concept of Merlin entered the story I almost quit it because, well…. Merlin. The writing and performance kept me there and I am tremendously happy. I live in a great deal of constant pain. When the pain puts me down I cant even watch TV.. and need to shut myself down and listen to audio books. I also listen to book before I fall asleep at night. I have listened to each of your books perhaps a dozen or so times. I really appreciate what you have done. In general your series, The Charmed Series, Monster Hunter International.

  6. Keep up the great work, Steve. Personally, I’m not usually a big fan of fantasy and magic books, they have to be something special to catch my interest. Yours do, hence the reason I follow you on Amazon and eagerly await every Hellequin book because they are fantastic. Great characters, great action, great dialogue (I hate books that yammer on and on without dialogue), great settings, and I like the interplay with mythology.

  7. Olivia Heywoid

    Loved the Hellequin series so far, and can’t wait to read your next books!

  8. I have a question about the books. Did a certain werewolf that has been in all the books have his fingers grow back? It has always made me curious

  9. Dave Paterson

    Enjoying the books. Amazon have given sept 3 as release date for book 6. You mentioned book 7 of Hellquin, ‘Divided’ and also ‘Bloodborne. Which of the later two, if either, are Hellquin? Or are they the other books you plan on writing.
    Anyway, keep up the good work.

  10. I have just discovered you as an author and I love your Hellequin series. I read all of them in just over a week. I can’t wait for book 6 to come out

  11. Jesse Montanez

    Hello, just want to say, huge fan of your work. Love the hellequin chronicles so much. Got hooked on them and haven’t put them down. Very excited for book 6. I have a couple questions. Do you ever see your hellequin chronicles being a tv or movie? Would love to see them on screen. And you said a book 7. Will we be expecting more books, and how many more do you plan for the future of Nathan Garrett? Because I dont want them to end.

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