Promise of Wrath Update

While there’s no cover yet, there is a blurb. And here it is:

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A powerful sorcerer. A forgotten past. Hellequin is back, and the end is near.

A terrible storm is brewing in London, and Nathan Garrett, the sorcerer known as Hellequin, is the only one who can stop it.

But his enemies have other plans. Harnessing the power of an ancient stone tablet, they cast Nate and his allies into another realm, where a bloody conflict rages between creatures twisted by magic. Meanwhile, with his friends’ lives in danger, Nate must put centuries of differences aside, and place his trust in one of his greatest foes.

Time is running out. Trapped and outnumbered, Nate must use all his wits and power to survive and find his way home before his enemies start a war that could destroy everything he holds close. Welcome to the penultimate chapter of the Hellequin Chronicles.


I know what you’re thinking, there’s that word penultimate. To answer the next question, yes Hellequin Chronicles will finish with book 7. No, that doesn’t mean it’s the end of Nate’s story. I can’t really reveal more at the moment, but rest assured, Nate’s story isn’t done with book 7.

In the meantime, you can pre-order Promise of Wrath HERE

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  1. Hi Steve Can’t wait!! So glad I found your books and thank you for writing them. Best wishes Bridget

  2. I’m so glad that Nate’s story doesn’t end with book 7. Am I wrong in assuming that there is another series involving Nate in the future?

  3. will selena be in this one? love your books too

  4. Looking forward to it! Is the audiobook out on the same day???

  5. I love this series and you definitely can’t stop at 7. Nate has so much more ass to kick(Merlin and Ares top the list) and he still hasn’t got the 2 advanced forms of magic. Plus there’s the rest of the curses on his chest you can’t get rid of all of them in just two books. Basically this series is just to good to end with just 2 more books. The way you make it sound to me is that the series after Hellequin ends won’t be Nate-centric.

  6. Alright I know werewolves age very slow but do all were’s age? deanna(or diana) who is half werebear was from ancient greece. Also the head of the pack near nate (can’t remember his name) was a templar and that would put him at over seven hundred years old? does it vary

  7. I was curious about how long a were can actually live? Dianna or deanna who is half werebear was around in ancient greece and the alpha of the pack near nate was a templar and that was at seven hundred years ago (not sure). I was just curious. And are there other were we don’t know about it. Besides werewolfs,werelions,and werebears.

  8. my mistake I didn’t mean to double post It didn’t show up when I looked later and I re wrote it.

  9. One thing I wanted to ask about people like hades, diana, zeus and the others that were once worshiped by ancient cultures. Did they do that on purpose or did some human see them do something and decide to worship them for some reason. And one last thing. Besides being a half werebear what is diana? is she a sorcer too

  10. okay and one more thing. Is diana supposed to look like she does in the descriptions she is given by the romans? I figure she looks italian given she has the italian accent and was worshipped as roman godess.

  11. So they did it on purpose? Get humans to worship them I mean. And one more thing. When werewolves are turned do they stay the same age as they were when they were turned or do they look youger if their turned at say eighty they will reverse in age. Like kurt did he always have the little bit of grey in his beard or is it because he aged as a wolf.

  12. aged as a werebear not a wolf my mistake

  13. alright last thing. Can a dragonkin turn someone into a dragonkin like a were can or do they have to be born a dragonkin? Sorry to ask so many questions

  14. Also is selena as strong as helios is? I mean I know she is stronger at night and helios is stronger during the day but at their best would they be equal in power and toughness for lack of a better word?

  15. I have already pre ordered Wrath and am waiting with baited breath, I am hoping that with Nate you don’t do founding backstories, his tale at the moment is too momentous for that I think, unfortunately I can’t see what else you would do with him but heres hoping, unless you bring back Arthur and we see a revival of the round table.Just hoping it stays Nate centric as a lot of authors try to expand on their creations by refocusing and end up ruining the dynamics ( read wheel of time series and when Brendan takes over you can tell he just doesn’t get Matt Cauthon and for me that ruined it ,not a refocusing issue but dynamics changed and I just couldn’t get on with the series after that)).The problem is there are not enough authors with your talent for character driven storytelling capable of getting you to care about the main character enough, what I am trying to say is, please don’t fuck with Nate lol.As an aside I just read a book by someone trying to do the same sort of thing using the Greek pantheon as you have with Hellequin, nowhere near as good as your stuff though.

  16. The cover has been released on Amazon, about time, given that it’s due for release in just over 5 weeks time. It definitely looks interesting, pointed ears and a building with something flying(?) around the outside, or is it the initial stages of an explosion, due to the back light. Oh, and throw in some swords – looks like a fun adventure.

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