Promise of Wrath – Book Launch

And it’s out. As of right now, Promise of Wrath is available to buy and read on Kindle or Kindle App. The paperback and audio versions will be out in November.

Whether you’ve read my work before, or are new to my books, if you decided to give this a try, I hope you enjoy it.

Also, my other 5 Hellequin books are also on sale, so if you’ve never ready anything before then you can get a lot of story for not a lot of money.




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  1. Yeah! Will James Langton narrate the audio? I’d still listen, but he’s the voice of Hellequin to me.

  2. do sorcerers have only 1 omega magic or is it like elemental magic and they can have 2 of them?

    Can i ask something about the book or do you want to keep this page free of spoilers?

  3. do sorcerers have only 1 omega magic or is it like elemental magic and they have 2 of them?

    can i ask a question about the book or do you want to keep this page free of spoilers?

  4. Has Loki ever been mentioned in the Chronicles?

    I was trying to figure out who Nate’s father might be. Someone Odin did not like. The Norse gods were always fighting the frost giants, but given that Nate is short (and his mother is presumably tall), I would think that Nate’s father is short. So probably not a frost giant. Also, his father should have a lot of magic, so probably not a dwarf. Maybe a dark elf, but I suppose they would be tall(ish). I guess Loki might best fit the bill, but I cannot remember if he was short in the Norse mythology.

  5. when are we getting book 7?

  6. Great book, love the twists and filling in of gaps in the character histories. Thanks

  7. Oh my goodness! I just finished Promise of Wrath this morning… loved every second of it! I’ve been a huge fan ever since Crimes Against Magic popped up in my free monthly reads last year in Kindle. I then went and immediately bought the other 4 books, finishing the lot in about 2 weeks.
    I’m so excited to see what comes next. This book left so many new questions… “Who is Nates father?” “Who is My Liege?” “Are we going to see anymore of Hades and Sky?”
    Any idea when another amazing read will grace the kindle shelves???


    This series of books is my favourite, and I’m a big reader. Charge whatever you want, but please pump these babies out as fast as you can. TAKE MY MONEY

  9. Man, of all the books on Amazon, this series has been my favorite to date. Promise of Wrath was no less amazing than the previous 5 books. I love your story telling, from the perspective the story is told, I feel like I have been Nate through the entire series of events. From the personal moments with Kasey and Tommy, to the brutal fights, I was there the whole time… Such to the point that even though I don’t know what exactly happened between Nate and Merlin, and even though Merlin has always been a fictional favorite of mine, I itch to see Nate give Merlin what’s coming.

    I can’t wait to see what’s next. Seriously, stop reading my comments, go grab a bucket of coffee, and do not sleep until I have book 7.. 😜

  10. Excellent read I’ve got a feeling I know who nates father will be, I’m going with a character we’ve seen and heard about in most of the books but know no details of . Hope it’s not a year for the next.

  11. amazing book can’t wait for the next one.

  12. Love love the book and really want to c what happens next when book 📚 7 coming and already ordered other series you started x

  13. Read book 1 last week, quickly followed by books 2 – 6 how long before book 7? I really enjoyed the series and the characters, I want to know what happens next…….soon 🙂

  14. NO NO NO NO NO
    I want book 7 now! Ktnx!

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