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I figured, what with the new book being the last one in the Hellequin Chronicles, and me currently writing it, that I’d do an AMA. Now this won’t be on reddit, because I’m not on reddit, so we’ll do it slightly differently.

So, here’s how it’s going to work. I’m going to let everyone ask me anything they like. And in two weeks (ish), I’m going to make a video and answer all of the questions to the best of my ability.

If you have a question you’d like to ask about me, writing, my books, the Hellequin universe or anything else relevant you can think of, leave a message below this post (or on FB/Twitter etc), and I’ll put them all together and answer them all. I’ll post the video (or the links to it) here and on FB and the like. So, have at it people, ask me those questions you’ve always wanted to know.


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  1. I have been doing some writing, and I find it difficult to expand on a concept. Sometimes.I can see the scene play out in my head. But it doesn’t seem to convert into many words…

  2. U sure its going to be the last book as they are so good

  3. Will we find out who Nate’s father is, and what happened to Zeus? Are these connected?

  4. Will you write other books set in the same universe?

  5. Kirsty Fitzpatrick

    I have a couple of questions…

    1: What’s the hardest scene you’ve ever had to write and why?
    2: If you could go back in time and give your younger self advice on writing what would it be?
    3: If you had to choose a writing mascot what would it be and why? 😁

  6. Are Nate and Mordred brothers?
    And how did you find one idea to stick with when writing? I feel like I’ll get a great idea, but rapidly lose interest.

  7. Did Hellequin ever visit the Tower of Hercules in A Coruña? It seems like the sort of place he would have visited. 😉

  8. What’s your strategy for writing? Do you come up with concept or characters first?

  9. Why have you decided to end the Helliquin Cronicles ?

    Plus, how many pens do you own ?

  10. When/where did the idea form for these books?

  11. Would you ever consider doing a crossover of sorts with another author ? John Conroe’s universe (The Demon Accords) and yours would make an exciting and brilliant story to explore in my opinion.
    Given the close trajectory I think they would blend together really well.

  12. 1 – Why stop hellequin now? I read somewhere you had planned for 18 books .
    2 – Will hellequin’s universe continue?
    3 – What are you going to write now?
    4 – Do you intent to go back to hellequin in the future?

  13. I just hope it’s a very long book. I don’t want it to end

  14. Andrew P Morgan

    Have you been approached about a Hellequin movie and if you were what would your thoughts about casting?

  15. Hi Steve!

    Firstly, thank you for the wonderful memories you create with your imagination and talent. Your work is truly appreciated.

    Can you tell us what books and authors have given you the most inspiration in writing The Hellequin Chronicles?

    Also, will this last book be any longer than the others?

  16. Ok Steve here goes:
    – has the reception to the Hellequin series been a surprise? Going in you would have been nervous, has the reception exceeded your hopes?
    – with the current amount of loose ends in the chronicles (Arthur awake / Merlin confrontation / Hera in London / secret big bad vs Nate / Mordred vs Nate / Nates parents / Norse realm and war / Nates friends and supporters backing him) I’m assuming the the chronicles are just the appetiser into the world of Avalon and that there’ll be follow up series. If this is right will the be centred around Nate or will you be branching off to give the support cast their own stories? Or are you planning on a surprise Tolkien / Rowlings and splitting the final book into…. what 15 parts to actually close it out?
    – were the number of books in the chronicles what you were planning? Have you gone beyond your initial plans?
    – it feels like in the past your books have been closer together in their release, is this final chapter taking longer as there’s more to tell or have you found yourself struggling to find your way back into the story?
    – there’s a lot of inspiration coming from pop culture (Star Wars, Naruto etc), where do you find that you get the most inspiration for your work?
    – any offers on the table from BBC or HBO to get a Hellequin series off the ground?

    Keep up the great writing….. and hurry up with this next book will you!

  17. Why did you change narrators for the last book?
    James Langton brought your books to life in technicolor. Steve Mattacks barely made the last book tolerable.

  18. Why didn’t James Langton narrate Promise of Wrath? Will he be back for the final book?

  19. 1) Echo the above – can we get James Langton back? (or if not – Stephen King had to change narrators halfway through the Dark Tower as the narrator was injured – could the new narrator at least keep the pronunciation of names the same (EG Erebus).
    2) Will you continue to write in the same “world” or go somewhere new? I would love to hear more tales from Shadowfalls or the Dwarfen relms…..
    3) Please don’t stop????

  20. I’ve read over 400 kindle books in the last 2 years, and Nate is easily one of my top 10 favorite characters. I am starving for answers, I need to know who Nate’s father is, why Nate has so much potential, and how that will manifest. Is Nate’s dad part of the Norse (or any other) pantheon? Erebus. What is he really? I’m a little over halfway through book 6 now, and I’ve been looking for answers, speculation, and/or fan theory and there is nothing. I guess my question is, is there anything, any hints that you can give us?

  21. After listening to Promise of Wrath, I found myself asking a lot of questions. Hoping that you will answer them in your next book without the feeling of being rush!

    There are so many loose end in the chronicles:
    Are we going to learn who is Nate’s father?
    Will Nate ever going to see his mother again?
    What happen in the Norse realm and why are they at civil war?
    Will we see the Dwarfs take back their realm from the blood elves?
    Have we met the Puppet Master in the past books? Not asking who the person is, just wanted to know have we met the person.

    I know this isn’t a question but Hera needed to get punished for her actions and Nate’s mom will be the right one to kick her butt.

    I like the new Mordred. I love how you explain some of things that happened to him. I love to seeing him redeem himself. Will Mordred get a spin-off in the universe? He does have unfinished business with the blood elves.

    Are we going to get James Langton to narrated the last book? Simon Mattacks is not a bad narrator. It’s just l have gotten used to James. When listening to the series back to back, the flow is lost by changing narrators. I had spend more time trying to figure who is talking because the voice had changed. I know I can wait for the audible book to come out later if James isn’t available to narrate by the time the final book come out. l just buy the eBook from Amazon when it comes out and waited for audible come out later with James narrated .

    l am glad to see it in this book that Nate thinking things through. He usually is rushing off into danger before thinking it through!

    You are pretty good about giving a recap on past antics and rules of magic, I really wish you had provided a recap on elemental vs omega magic. I could have used a refresher of what they are, which are opposite (and this if you have shadow you can’t use light) and which ones can’t be used against each other. I needed a cheat sheet please.

    Thank you for taking your time to answers our questions! Thank you for this series! It will be miss! Who know maybe later down the road you might find more stories to share with us. If not Nate then other characters that made a impact in the series that we grown to love.

  22. First of all, love the books!

    Anyway, my question is; since this will be the last Hellequin book, can we assume that Nate will shed his Hellequin identity in this book? Maybe take on his “real” identity or become something more than Hellequin.

  23. I hope i am not too late in asking my questions :D. First question when the tattoos sealed Nate and Morgan they each were very young. Did both of them have the …… advanced magic when they were young or did the tattoo just seal the potential for that magic. Also what did the 4th mark unseal the first 3 unsealed increase in power, necromancy and shadow Magic. But the 4th was unclear.

  24. Is there any possibility of having Infamous Reign turned into an audiobook? I know it’s just a short story, but it would be wonderful to hear James Langton narrate it.

  25. Hi Steve as has already been mentioned by a few, will James Langton be narrating the last book. Must admit I found it hard to enjoy the last book with a different narrator. Nothing against him but he’s just not Nate. I hope its just a 1 off change for whatever reason.

  26. if Air + Fire = Lightning
    and Earth + fire = Magma
    and Water + Earth = golems
    then what does water and air make?

    Also will we get to see what happens when you mix different types of omega magic?

  27. I’m probably late but you never know!
    First of all cheers for your writing, I’ve enjoyed every book.
    Question, I’m sure in long ago posts you mentioned writing a sci-fi epic, whatever happened to that?

  28. I wanted to day that it did surprise me that you switched narrators but the story is so great that after a while I didn’t even notice.

    My question is about Mordrid. I’m curious why you had him turn “good” Nate has no archenemy. Some might argue Hera, but I’m not sure there’s been enough interaction to be titled that. I’m not critiquing, I love Mordrid’s new character, and I’m guessing you had that planned all along, just curious of your thoughts. Thanks!!

  29. Way late to this one, but thought it might be a good place to ask: is it just me, or has the name of Nate’s wife changed between books? I am sure it was ‘Jane’ in the early books (as that’s my name it stuck), but seems to be ‘Mary’ in the last couple?

    Delighted to see that the Avalon Chronicles will keep me busy for a couple of days this year – thank you 🙂

    • Yes, long story short I thought I’d explained that her full name is Mary Jane Garrett, and that Nate usually flicked between the two, but most people called her Jane. Turns out I hadn’t. So, yeah, I messed up.

      • No worries, thanks for the explanation, I know exactly how that goes! 😂

        And please keep ‘em coming, you’ve been an awesome discovery and I’m completely hooked.

  30. what is earth magic plus water magic?

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