A New Book Deal



Ever since Promise of Wrath came out last year, people have been asking me about book 7.


So, after keeping it to myself for the last few months, I’m proud to finally be able to announce that I have signed a 3 book deal with 47North, the first book of which will be Hellequin book 7, Scorched Shadows.


The other two books can wait before they’re announced to the world, but needless to say, I’m very excited about what I have coming up in the next few years.


As for a release date for Scorched Shadows, stay tuned for that as hopefully I’ll have something to reveal soon.

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  1. Woo hoo! Congrats, Steve! Kudos, kudos!!!

  2. Congratulations. Looking forward to your new release. Both I and my husband love your books.

  3. Yes- more Hellequinn! Congrats!

  4. Thanks for the update. I have listened and read the books several times with my kindle unlimited subscription I decided that I needed to support you and your writing and bought the entire series with the audible narrations. Please keep up the fantastic work. Going off on a tangent. If I could only read one book/series I would choose this series of course, and if I had to choose a book it would either be between the second (Born of Hatred) or the fifth (Promise of Wrath). I do have a few questions about the next book. One of witch being will we ever find out what Dr. Grayson is? Also have you considered writing a book about Mordred? Thank you for you commitment to your fans.

    • Yes I realize that I made a huge mistake Promise of Wrath is not the 5th book. Sorry for any confusion. *Or the sixth (Promise of Wrath).

  5. Congratulations. So I assume that Scorched Shadows will be coming out before A Glimmer of Hope, which has been listed on Amazon for May 2018. Are your able to give us a summary of what to expect in book 7?

  6. I do hope that the continuation will be narrated in Audible with the first man that did such a great job with excellent dramatic skill and distinct character changes.
    Congrats to you and all of us fans to enjoy what we hope will be many more books in your excellent world of the heroic Hellequin Nate and his cadre of mighty companions.

  7. any chance sky will be in this one?

  8. Wasn’t Glimmer of Hope supposed to be released on May 1st? I preordered and it still looks like Amazon hasn’t gotten it.

  9. any chance that you have an estimate on when it will come out. I know you don’t have a concrete date but I imagine it’s this year and before october. That sound about right? Also love the hellequin chronicles. Have reread them alot.

  10. Hi steve! Man where to start I absolutely love these books! So much that each time you release a new one I start the series again up to that point! I’ve read the series 5 times! I’d love to meet you and wondered if you have any book signings Coming up soon? I’m excited to see where the story goes!

  11. Got tired of search Amazon for the next book. Any news on the release date – the Hellequin books are some if the mist well imagined urban fantasy novels out there!

  12. Michelle McHugh

    That’s fantastic news! I absolutely adore these books. I have to say thank you for such wonderful books. I laugh out loud at your sense of humour (also starting to think that maybe the humour style is a McHugh family trait) and can’t help reading comments to my parents who instilled a great love of books in their kids but don’t actually read much themselves. I’m only new to your books, but that doesn’t make me any less of a fan and I’m going through them so quickly. My body is complaining though because sleep comes second to needing to know what happens next. Thank you

  13. So frustrated that the Hellequin series does not finish properly. What a cop out!

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