Scorched Shadows Release Date

People wanted to know when the new Hellequin book, Scorched Shadows is out.


17th October 2017.


Here are some links so you can go take a look. There’s no cover, or synopsis up yet, although they’ll be there soon enough.


Also, if you’re in the USA, the rest of the Hellequin books are still only $1.50 each. Seems like a good a time as any to catch up before the final Hellequin book is out. Click the picture to go to the sale.


Joined all 4



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  1. Thats too long, I’m looking forward to seeing if nates father is really who i think it is (heres a hint, its the name of the character samuel l jackson played in die hard 3)

    • I think Steve already stated that he was’nt Nates dad in the you tube q & a he did but I could be mistaken.

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