Wonder Woman Review

IMG_0365I was worried when Gal Gadot was initially cast as Wonder Woman. I was never a huge fan of the character or anything, but I didn’t want a character as important as Wonder Woman to go the way of Catwoman.


Batman Vs Superman completely changed my mind. Gal was easily the best thing in the film and she was only in it for ten minutes.


So, I was really looking forward to seeing Wonder Woman, but there was a little concern too. Would DC screw it up? No. No they didn’t.


We’ll get the bad out of the way because it’s a short list.


  1. It’s too long. Probably by twenty-minutes, if that.
  2. The main bad guy is obvious from the second he opens his mouth, and he’s a little dull. The actor playing him is brilliant, but I would have liked him to be a bit more than the motivations he had. Not awful by any means.
  3. The other bad guy’s entire character is essentially to be creepy and weird. Superhero films do not have good bad guys as a rule.
  4. Some of the supporting characters are there to just make up the numbers, and don’t really get a lot of interesting screen time.
  5. Some of the CGI is a little weird.


Right, bad things over. Now to the good.


Gal Gadot is perfect in every way as Wonder Woman, and made the part her own. The scenes where she realises what war really is are wonderfully acted. If they want Gal to make 2 or 3 Wonder Woman films, then I’m more than happy with that.


Chris Pine is wonderful as Steve Trevor, and his relationship with Diana is one of the driving forces of the film. He plays a charming man with ease, but in this case one with more than a little sorrow and pain in his past.


Robin Wright was fantastic as General Antiope, and I wish she’d have had more screen time. An interesting character, and a badass fighter.


To be fair, everyone was at the very least good, and in most cases excellent. Saïd Taghmaoui was particularly interesting as Sameer, and got some good scenes throughout the film.


The action was brilliant. For the most part, it was just a joy to watch, and Gal Gadot really did an excellent job of looking like someone who would kick your ass if the situation arose. A special mention goes out to the No Man’s Land scene, which was utterly magnificent.


I don’t want to make this a long review, so I’ll end it with this. Wonder Woman is exciting, interesting, well acted, and a lot of fun. It’s not only the best female led superhero film by a mile, and the best DC film since Dark Knight, it’s also probably in the top three opening films for a new superhero franchise. It’s up there with Iron Man and Guardians of the Galaxy in term of just how brilliantly they brought the characters to life. If they build on this, they could have something truly special on their hands.


If you were worried that DC would screw it up, don’t be. Go see this film. It’s fantastic.

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