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So, I thought I’d written something about this for my blog, but it turns out I haven’t. A few weeks ago, I was allowed to confirm that I’ve signed a new 3 book deal for a trilogy titled the Rebellion Chronicles.

Yes, these books are the return of Nate Garrett and will start with Sorcery Reborn (working title). All 3 of these books will take place after A Thunder of War, and the first book of the new trilogy should be out next year (this is just a guess based on past releases on my part and I don’t have an actual release date, so take this with a pinch of salt).

Hopefully, this will ease the minds of some people who are eager to know when Nate will return.

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  1. Brilliant news, cheers Steve!

  2. I am eagerly awaiting the return of Nate and it’s good to see that’s now happening.
    I’m enjoying the Avalon trilogy but it’s just weird reading about all nates friends,their lives and struggle etc, without reading about him too.

  3. Welcome back Nate. I’ve been enjoying the new stuff but can’t wait to see what happens when worlds collide.

  4. I love this series and can’t wait to find out if a bunch of questions get answered in the new trilogy.

  5. So excited!! Just finished Scorched Shadows and have gone into withdrawal for this book universe!

  6. Ah very psyched for this. As fabulous as Layla’s journey has been, the cliffhanger with Nate is just like an itch that really needs scratched

  7. I’m hoping we find out who Nates dad is finally and will we get a definitive answer on Zeus?

  8. Lorenzo Lopez-Brent

    I’m excited to hear this! Congratulations on the new deal. I can’t wait to read about Nate, though the Avalon Chronicles have been good. Everyone without Nate has not been the same.

  9. Thanks. I am a new fan and just finished all your published on Audible books. I was about to ask this very question.
    Love your writing BTW.

  10. Sorcery Reborn is after Thunder of War , right ? So he’s been living the human life for over a year, and he’s back now more badassery than ever I am guessing??

  11. Thank god for this, whilst your Avalon series was ok it was a poor shadow of your hellequin books, the blending of the two will hopefully bring them to what they should of been their was a darkness and violence missing from them and I had hoped they would merge earlier than this

  12. William Johnson

    Great news. I love these books I read all 7 Helliquin and the 3 Avalon Chonicles in under a month. Please keep the lives if these wonderful characters going.

  13. Finished reading Thunder of War yesterday, was Sooooooppppeeeer excited reading the epilogue. Looks like the perfect way to start a new Hellequin book.
    Really looking forward to it.

  14. I. AM. SO. EXCITED!! Though, I already knew he was coming back, his re-intro from A Thunder of War was so perfect for your titles. It was perfectly vague, while being super clear of what it was. Though, in the very beginning of it I thought an enemy had found him, but I quickly came to realize it was him “awakening”. I just can’t through the first few books of the Hellequin Chronicles, it was quickly rising up my list of favorite book series’. Now it is simply tied for #1, tied with The Kingkiller Chronicles. Seeing how as I can more or less guarantee the next Hellequin book will be out before the fabled book 3 in that series. It might simply win. Because I am not stuck just re-reading the same two books over and over. Though I have read the Hellequin chronicles in its entirety 5 times now.

  15. Himanshu Dhingra

    I stumbled on to your books when you had published your first four books. Since then i try to finish your books within a few hours of them being available on Kindle. Am really looking forward to your next book. If possible please share the time line on the next three books planned. Even an indication would be enough.

    Have really loved all the stories and way you have structured the series by mixing mythologies from different places. Can’t wait to find out how it all concludes.

    Keep writing.

  16. I just finished Thunder of War. Loved it! But the ending was certainly the best part. Nate is back. I cannot wait to read the new series. I love all these characters, it’s amazing how many you have built & made us fall in love with. But Nate is definitely the star.

  17. If you’re looking for beta readers… I am volunteering as I am extremely anxious to see where this goes!

  18. Steve!
    Just to say that I read all your Hellequin novels… save this last one.
    Literally save this last one, because I’ve had it ready to go but have been saving it for the right moment to read it!
    And I just cracked it open on one of my first free days in a month now, and… I just had to tell you what a joy reading your writing is. It’s like a fine wine, but with boot and welly and tang and all that other good stuff that’s so… well, lacking in a lot of the material I read these days.
    It’s been well worth the wait – this is Good Stuff!

    Many thanks and much appreciated, as always!

  19. Can’t wait!

  20. Gotta say I loved all the Hellequin Chronicles series and the Avalon Chronicles trilogy.
    The writing is excellent however I have one downside.
    I use Audible as I drive all week non stop and don’t get time to hold a book the old fashioned way.
    The Hellequin Chronicles were narrated really well and even the change of narrator towards the end of the series didn’t take that much getting used to again but……Avalon Chronicles….the narrator was dreadful.
    I’ve listened to over 200 audible books with oth Male and female narrators but this is by far the worst and by a long long way.
    Her inability to pronounce the names of the gods correctly, her limited voice range is highlighted by a 1600 year old Mordred sounding almost identical to a new character the Shadow Elf.
    Her Dwarf voice was like someone voicing the wolf in a children’s telling of three little pigs.
    It ruined the whole series and I stuck with because of the amazing writing and nothing else.

    I hope the narrator for the upcoming trilogy is thought about in advance and once chosen has the decency to work out the correct pronunciation of names and characters within the story.

    Keep up the good work Steve….your stories are phenomenal

  21. I am beyond excited for this. I read a lot both for work and pleasure and I really have enjoyed your writing style. You have a great ability to create a connection between your readers and your characters. I have really enjoyed the technical growth of the writing as well. Thunder of War was a great final piece in that series keeping the story line moving, introducing new fantastic characters and worlds and fleshing out some of the second line characters from the original series all while preparing us for what we hoped would come at the end. Thank you for all your hard work you have put into creating this world and I will happily keep supporting your future works…albeit while being selfishly impatient while we wait for Nate

  22. Steve, you may not know, but Sorcery Reborn was advertised on Amazon today. Really looking forward to reading it. Link attached.

  23. I’m a bit late to the party but this is great news. I finished Scorched Shadows back in 2017. I found the Hellequin Chronicles the year before and was delighted to find at the time there where 6 books in the series. Shortly after finishing book 6 book 7 came out. Quite the opposite of my experience with GRRM and Patrick Rothfuss.

    Started the Avalon Chronicles yesterday loving it so far.

    Looking forward to the return of Nate. Love your work, thank you.

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