Monthly Archives: February 2022

The first new Youtube video in a while.

New Year. New Sale

Hello all. I know I didn’t post anything in January, mostly because I’ve been busy with writing my new series and if I’m honestly time got away from me.

I also need to start posting more often, so that’s something I’ll be hoping to sort out, although best laid plans and all that.

In the meantime, I have news of a sale in the UK and AUS for anyone who hasn’t picked up or has been waiting to pick up the Rebellion Chronicles.

The entire Rebellion Chronicles series is currently on sale on Amazon UK and Australia for only 99p (1.49AUD) each.

“To sum up, read it. Read all of The Hellequin Chronicles. Read all of The Avalon Chronicles. Read the novellas. Follow McHugh on social media (lovely man, very nice to his readers) and support him by preordering his upcoming works. You won’t regret it.”