Riftborn Book 1: The Last Raven Book Launch

I have a new book out today. It’s on kindle, paperback, and audible. Go read and (hopefully) enjoy.

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  1. MR Ross Phillips

    I don’t want to post spoilers but riftborn are described as people who go into the rift alive. At the end of the book a character goes into the rift alive but it reads like they can’t return i.e. aren’t rift born. What have I missed?

    • Hi,

      Riftborn are people who when near death are taken into the rift. At the end of the book, a character dies and comes back, she’s not a riftborn as she never went into the rift. She’s a ravenant.
      Hope that helps


      • MR Ross Phillips

        Hi Steve,
        Thanks for the quick reply but I was actually meaning a different character (a man) who was ill but not dead (unless I I’ve read that wrong) and was taken into the rift. Having thought about it I suspect the way he was taken into the rift was different from the way a riftborn would get there.

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