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And The Winners Are

A few weeks ago I launched a competition for 2 lucky people to win all 3 Hellequin Chronicles books on MP3.

The competition finished a few days ago and I’ve been going through the entries to pick the winners. The one thing I discovered is that a lot of people nominated people, several dozen in fact, which is fantastic. So, because of this, I’m going not only give away 2 copies of all 3 Hellequin books, but 10 other people will get Crimes Against Magic as an MP3 or as an ebook, it’s your choice.


So, the 2 winners are:


Sarah Flynn Vilic – who picked Steve Conibear


Gareth Allen – who picked Darcy


Congrats to you both. If both of you can contact me with their address, I’ll get the copies sent out.


As for the 10 other winners, these are:


Hollie Roberts

Rachel Smith

Elaine Stansmore

Nth Wolf

Ian O’Neill

Gemma Averillo

Vicki Cooke

Donna Hayman Milton

Roger Gray

Justine Magill



If each of you can give me the e-mail address of the person you want it to go to (and whether they’d like the ebook or MP3), I’ll get the copy sent out to them.

With Silent Screams small

Congrats to everyone who won, and thanks for taking part. Commiserations to those who didn’t, but I’m sure there will be more opportunities to win.

Pick a Winner

Right, I figure it’s been too long since my last competition and it’s time for another one.

Joined all 4

So, here’s what I’m going to do.

I’m going to send the MP3 of all 3 Hellequin books (Crimes Against Magic, Born of Hatred and With Silent Screams), to 2 lucky people. I’ll sign the boxes of both and the winners will probably get some other stuff put in the bag too.


This is going to be a little different, because to enter I want you to nominate 1 person who you’d like these to go to and tell me why.

That’s right, we’re going to be all altruistic about this and give these to someone you think will enjoy them. It could be your other-half, your parent, child, friend, neighbour or even random dude in the street. That last one is probably a little weird. Just tell me who and why.


Next Friday I’ll get one of my daughters to randomly pick names out of a hat and those two people will get MP3 copies of my books sent to them.


Good luck

Competition and Chat

On wed this week (12th March) at 12pm central time USA (so about 5pm in the UK), I’ll be at Bitten by Books for an Interview, competition and chat. Anyone clicking the below link will get extra chances to win a $25 amazon gift certificate and a copy of Crimes Against Magic.


If you want to come along and ask me anything about the books, where the series is going, characters or anything else, then pop over and say hi.


With Silent Screams Competition

The release date for With Silent Screams: Hellequin Chronicles book 3, is just over 2 weeks away. In fact, I have an event going on over on Facebook about the release, where people can ask questions and the like, so feel free to click on the cover below to be magically taken there.


With Silent Screams


However, as the title says there’s a competition to run. To celebrate the  release of book 3, for the next 6 months, 1 winner per month will get a signed copy of With Silent Screams (along with other goodies). So, if you don’t win this month, you’ve got 5 more tries.

Just click on the enter to win button on goodreads. Here’s a link for you. 

Good luck.


MP3 Winner

Just a brief post today to announce the person who has won the competition to get a copy of both Hellequin books on MP3.


Thanks to everyone who took part.


And the winner is:


Cole Waggoner.


Congrats to Cole. You have 1 week to e-mail me the address you’d like them sent to.


Hellequin Chronicles Competition

If you’ve read the title of the post and come here expecting to learn how to win something, then you’re in the right place. And it’s something that I think is pretty cool.





So first how to win. What you need to do is follow this link to my author page on Facebook Once there, like my page and then in the post about the competition, tell me why you’d like to win. That simple. I’ll pick the winner at random in 10 days.


And what can you win? Well, I have signed copies of the MP3 audio CD for both Crimes Against Magic and Born of Hatred to give away to one lucky person.


So there you have it. Go like my author page, tell me why you’d like to win and maybe you will.



Good luck.