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Frozen Rage

The upcoming Hellequin Novella, Frozen Rage will be released on 15th September in Kindle, Paperback, and Audible edition. But not only that, the Audible editions of Hunted and Infamous Reign will also be out on the 15th September.


Links are below the covers, and if you do plan on purchasing, please do consider pre-ordering as pre-orders are really important to a new book. Thanks.


Audible Pre-order Frozen Rage

Kindle Pre-order Frozen Rage



Audible Pre-order Hunted 



Audible Pre-order Infamous Reign:

Writing And Upcoming Releases

I thought I’d do a quick update about the upcoming release of Frozen Rage, as well as the releases of all 3 of my novellas in Paperback and Audible forms.


Audible Pre-order Infamous Reign:

Audible Pre-order Hunted 

Audible Pre-order Frozen Rage

Kindle Pre-order Frozen Rage

Lies Ripped Open – Launch Day!

It’s launch day! Lies Ripped Open is finally out and everyone can no go take a read of the new Hellequin book. I hope you enjoy it. Links are below.

Lies Ripped Open Front Cover smaller

Over a hundred years have passed since a group of violent killers went on the rampage, murdering innocent victims for fun. But even back then, sorcerer Nate Garrett, aka Hellequin, knew there was more to it than simple savage pleasure—souls were being stolen.

Nate’s discovery of the souls’ use, and of those supporting the group’s plan, made him question everything he believed.

Now the group Nate thought long dead is back. Violent, angry, and hell-bent on revenge, they have Hellequin firmly in their sights. And if he won’t come willingly, they’ll take those closest to him first.

The battle begins again.


Liz Wilkins – 

If you haven’t read these yet and are a fan of all things magic and mayhem then this whole series will definitely be for you.

Highly Recommended.


Prison of Hope Blog Tour: Day 4

I swear everyone is going to be sick of me by the time this is all done. But for today, we’ve got another stop, this time at Chosen By You Book Club, where I have an interview about writing.

Click the cover to go take a read.


Prison of Hope Launch Day

That’s right, today is the launch day for Hellequin Chronicles Book 4, Prison of Hope.

It’s already had some great reviews:

All round a magical outing and one that really leaves me singing the authors praises. Cracking. – Falcata Times

Okay, this was definitely a five star book. Steve McHugh definitely brought it with this fourth full-length book in the Hellequin series. Nate is definitely going into my top ten of serious bad*sses! – Bittenbybooks

Overall then a really great read, all of them, another strength being that you can read any one on its own, you don’t necessarily have to read in order. A series that I hope will run and run. – LizLovesBooks 


Links to buy the book:



I hope you enjoy it.

Prison of Hope Release Tour: Day 1

Tomorrow is the big day. The day that Prison of Hope is released for everyone to finally read. Over the coming few weeks I’m going to be on a blog tour, and i’ll be posting links and such here for people to go check them out.


We start with a guest blog at Long and Short Reviews, where I talk about critique groups. Anyone going there can take part in a competition to win $25 Amazon giftcard too.


You can still pre-order Prison of Hope HERE.