Born of Hatred

There are some things even a centuries-old sorcerer hesitates to challenge . . .

When Nathan Garret’s friend seeks his help investigating a bloody serial killer, the pattern of horrific crimes leads to a creature of pure malevolence, born of hatred and dark magic. Even with all his powers, Nate fears he may be overmatched. But when evil targets those he cares about and he is confronted by dire threats both old and new, Nate must reveal a secret from his newly-remembered past to remind his enemies why they should fear him once more.

Born of Hatred, set in modern London with historical flashbacks to America’s Old West, continues the dark urban fantasy of Crimes Against Magic, the acclaimed first book in the gritty and action-packed Hellequin Chronicles.


An updated version of Born of Hatred will be re-released by 47North in September 2013.

  1. How many books will be in this series? I love it. It’s perfect blend of suspense, action, and supernatural. I love how the character is able to question himself, see his own faults, etc. Will be eagerly awaiting your future books.

    • Thanks very much, I’m glad you’re enjoying it. As for how many books, quite a few. I have fairly detailed notes for more than a dozen, and outlines for a fair few others. It’ll keep me busy for a while.

  2. Very glad to hear that. I’m currently in the process of getting a few more copies for other family members and friends. This is the type of book we all enjoy and quite a refreshing read after searching for a good series. Very happy to hear that these characters have a future! Have a wonderful new year and happy writing!

  3. My dad started reading last night I guess, bought the book on his own. He said that it would be awesome for the character to have a dog (who he can somehow understand), and told me to tell you this on here. 🙂

    • Hi Kallie,

      I hope your dad enjoys the book. The taking dog thing has already been done by Kevin Hearne, and done very well I might add. Although Nate has Tommy, which is about as close as he’s going to get to a talking dog. 🙂

  4. Hey Steve,
    Yeah it so happens that the Kevin Hearne books were the books my dad finished before he started reading your series, which he enjoys by the way!

  5. Hey Love the book! When I got toward the end of the first book I was like what Merlin had a assassin? Epic and then how from his view we think he just some normal badass guy but no he is the buggy man of the magic world haha. Then you go give him more power and his old title back at the same time! I just can’t wait to see how the next book turn out after he has his training and the rest of his marks gone. When do you think the next one will be ready??

  6. Wow what an amazing read this book was! It’s a real powerful follow-up to the first. You deliver a visceral satisfaction within these pages. Long live Hellequin!

  7. Yeah, what they said. Good job Steve. Keep turning out books like these and you’ll have a loyal fan. Just try to keep those fans up to date, or publish often. Long months of silence are the biggest reason I move on these days.

    • Thanks, Brian. I’ve tried to ensure everyone is kept up-to-date with how it’s going, I’ll have another one this week, I imagine.
      I’m hoping to get 2 books a year done, with some short stories that’ll appear on my blog for free. That’s the plan. But you know, best laid plans and all that.

  8. Loved the second book. The main character was more solid/real, motivations more apparent to me. Enjoyed the “Kick Ass” attitude, always essential in a good urban fantasy. PS. Your incorrect use of the term clip -v- magazine with respect to the use of firearms annoys anyone who knows the difference. It’s a minor thing but not correcting it is just lazy.

  9. I’m just now reading Born of hatred I love it already it’s so good I love Tommy and Nate working together.

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