Painful Art

When I was 21 years old I was dating a complete nutcase. We’ve all had one relationship with someone who, as it turned out, was an utter dick, and that was mine. And if you haven’t had one of those… well that could be because you’re that person for everyone else.

To celebrate the fact that I not only broke up with her crazy ass, but I also left my soul-sucking job, I decided to get my first tattoo.

This tattoo in fact

I wanted to get something special and something that was meaningful to me, so i picked something I loved (comics) and a character from it I enjoyed reading about (Daredevil). It wasn’t a terribly painful experience, although it wasn’t without it’s moments, but it was nice enough that I didn’t once think about stopping there.

You see there’s something no one really told me before I got the Daredevil tattoo. They’re really addictive. Now for the most part I’ve restrained myself from having too many done and only get one when I find something worthwhile having done. So over the years I got a tattoo of my daughter, Keira’s name wrapped around my arm in Japanese. A Samurai when Keira was born.

It looks a little like this, but not like this. Which I’m aware is a dreadful way of describing something.

And two anime wolves next to one another when my second daughter was born.

Imagine two of them, sleeping together with small amounts of colour on their head and without the leg irons.

So, when my wife and I discovered she was pregnant, I knew I was going to get another tattoo. It was just a question of what. After getting the wolves, I knew it had to be something just about the new baby. But it wasn’t until we settled on the name Harley that I knew with a hundred percent certainty what I wanted.

Ignore all the little bits around the outside.

So, next thursday I’m off to get a new tattoo on my forearm and I can’t wait.

Now there are a few things that people should know before they get a tattoo.

1. Yes, of course it bloody well hurts. How much depends on where you get it done and what you get done, along with who is doing the work.

2. If you get something done, try and make it personal to you. Just because everyone else has tribal tattoos on their arms, doesn’t mean you have to.

3. Don’t go with a tattooist just because it’s cheap. Cheap and tattoos are not good friends. Research the tattooist and find out how his/her work looks.

4. Eat before you go. Seriously this is incredibly important unless you like the idea of passing out. At least drink something sugary.

5. Research. Not only the pic you want, but also where you want it and how big. If you go to a tattoo parlour with a copy of a picture you’ve already found, it’ll make everything much easier.

So if you’re thinking of getting a tattoo done, just try to be original and above all enjoy the experience, it really isn’t all that scary.

And now for a Born of Hatred update:

It’s still almost done. Seriously, I’ve got about 2 chapters to write.

As for Crimes Against Magic. Well, this week has been insane. In a good way. I sold 104 copies on Monday and averaged about 70ish books for the other days (so far only 57 today, but you can’t knock 57). I also now have 23, 5 star reviews, which is incredible.

At the moment this is where it sits.

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #1,562 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)

Once again it’s been a superb week and I wouldn’t change it for anything. I’ll do a post about full sales when I’m back after my Aug break once Harley is born. So, until next week, have a great weekend.

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  1. I love how each kid inspiered you and got their own tatoo to represent them. My Fav was the cute wolf one. Congrats on your baby and good luck with your next tatoo. 🙂 I might get one one day but till then it’s cool to see other peoples artistic expression.

  2. Well done Steve. One thing that you could say is that when its done it feels like bad sunburn. What I used to help mine heal was Bepanthem. It worked well and I was healed in a week. (I heal pretty quick.)

    Like you, I can’t stress researching your tattooist enough. As the saying goes, if you pay peanuts you get monkeys.

    My next ones planned and I’ve had a quote so just saving up but going to have a chat with the guy the next few weeks just to let him look at the area I want it to make sure that it won’t cause any problems. (Its the arm where I had my TB jab and I had a really bad reaction to the damn thing.) A good tattooist makes time to talk to you. If they haven’t the time other than when you’re in the chair then I’d go elsewhere.

    • That’s very true, if you ask to talk to the artist, they should come out and talk to you. Most good places have very knowledgeable staff at the front of shop too, so you should be able to get some good answers from them.

      That’s the cream I use to heal, baby cream is an excellent thing to use and it heals so much quicker than leaving it.

      Good luck with the new tattoo, I hope you can get what you want.

  3. Wow awesome stuff Steve!
    I have a couple of tattoos (from when I was a young’n hehehe) and I want to get some footprints one day to symbolize my babies.. Or hand prints.. Not sure lol..
    And well done for CAM I’ve been telling my friends!

    • Thanks for telling your friends, everyone should do this. 🙂

      I know a few people who have their kid’s hand prints, it’s quite popular. That and their name on the back of the neck.

  4. Steve, I love the new tattoo idea. Good luck!

    And congratulations on CAM. It’s had amazing success and I’m so happy for you!

  5. I like the way your tattoos have been chosen to tell your life-story, or at least the landmark parts. The Harley Quinn idea is very cool.

    Now, the question is, as CAM is doing so well and you have effectively achieved one of your life ambitions, where on your body are you going to get the trilogy’s cover art tattooed?

    • Trilogy? I have notes for about 20 books, so I don’t think I’m going to have enough room to get all of their covers done! I would like to get something to symbolise the book, although I haven’t decided on what yet.

      I like the Harley Quinn idea too, it’s been too long since my last tattoo.

  6. Expensive and tattoo don’t always go together either. lol
    Love the new tattoo idea, especially the placement…forearm tattoos are HOT!
    I’m getting more work done next week too, so we’ll be in itchy scab land together.

    • Yeah, there is such a thing as too expensive. 🙂

      Well I’ve got one forearm covered already, so I kinda have to use the other. It looks weird with nothing on it.

      Ah, the itchy. I’m not looking forward to that bit.

  7. Love the meaning behind your ink, Steve. I agree that a tattoo should mean something to you, something lasting and wow, yours are wonderful.
    A friend and photgrapher I really admire just released a book: Tattoo Culture & the Armed Forces ( and your post made me think of his photo project.
    And on that note – Congrats on your book’s standings! So awesome 😀

  8. #4 scares me. Oh, and I love the Harley.

    • The passing out? It’s not that scary, but it does happen when people assume they can just walk in and get the tattoo done without any problems. People just need to make sure they eat something first.

      I wanted to find a good Harley pic for it once we decided we’d name her Harley. I think it should look great when it’s finished.

  9. Great tattoos! I have some horses, a big cat and a phoenix. Eventually I’ll get a wolf too.

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