Batman: Arkham Knight

In amongst all of the writing (of which there’s been a lot) and editing (again, a lot), I really haven’t played many videogames this year. I picked up a bunch of them while in sales, but never really got round to doing much with them, Borderlands I’m looking at you.


I was always going to get Batman: Arkham Knight. Arkham Asylum is one of the best games of all time, and Arkham City is excellent, but not quite as good. Origins is treated a little unfairly simply because it exists in the shadow of its much better brothers, but it’s hardly a bad game.

I got Arkham Knight yesterday, so I can’t say if it’s the greatest thing ever or anything like that, but I figured I’d share a few thoughts from the two hours or so I’ve played.

What I like:

The fact that you don’t have to start your upgrades from scratch. You have quite a few that you’d have already unlocked in previous games, which certainly makes getting around the city a lot easier.

The story is very interesting. At least at the moment, the opening ten minutes are breathtaking and there have been quite a few interesting little bits and pieces.

The mission wheel. Oh how I love the mission wheel. Basically side-missions and main story missions all show up on this wheel, you can select which one you want to tackle and it’ll show you how you’re doing. It’s basically what RPG’s have done forever with quests, but it works brilliantly with this sort of game too.

The controls are still great; the fear takedowns are a wonderful addition.

Barbara Gordon will always be Oracle to me.

Barbara Gordon will always be Oracle to me.

What I’m unsure about:

The Batmobile. I want to love it, and I certainly like it more than I did when I first started, but it takes some getting used to. It’s very twitchy and until you’re used to the controls you will crash into everything in sight.

However, I will say this. Jumping off a ledge, dive bombing to the ground, summoning the Batmobile and then gliding into the cockpit is one of the most Batman like feelings ever. In fact this game goes a long way to make you feel like Batman. It depicts him as both a badass ninja, and a detective, and has done a good job so far.


What I don’t like:

The overly expensive season pass, and the pre-order horse crap. Neither detract from the game itself, and I have no problem with season passes if they’re a good price and the developers say up front what you’re getting (and it’s worth the money), but to say, there’s going to be stuff coming out, not say what it is and then expect people to pay a ludicrous price for it is frankly a shitty practise. And getting different pre-orders from different places sucks, stop doing it, all it does it piss everyone off.

Like I said, I’m not far into it, but so far it’s an very solid game. If you liked the last games, you’ll want this, if you didn’t, well… there’s something wrong with you. And if you never played them before, you’ll probably want to read up on their plots before picking this up. But if you have any interest in Batman then pick it up, because seriously, it makes you feel like the goddamn Batman. What more could you ask for?

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  1. The season pass actually contains more than enough story driven stuff for me to justify the price tag plus they’ve confirmed all the preorder stuff will show up in it at some point as well.

    And the Batmobile is frankly coming close to killing the game for me. The entire main story seems built around it and that’s not what I bought an Arkham game for

    • I’m starting to enjoy the batmobile. And the season pass may include the preorder stuff, but the idea of each seller having different preorder stuff is still a crap practise. And while they’ve said what’s in the season pass, they haven’t said how long those bits will be. Witcher 3 devs said, 2 pieces of DLC for a season pass, about 20hrs of extra game. That’s the best way to do them.

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